Week 6 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings: Lamar Jackson is out of the top 10 fantasy point standings

Struggling to figure out where your fantasy players rank this season? Check out the fantasy football section to see rankings, projections, and articles with information on this year’s fantasy football season. Don’t forget to look under the NFL section to see weekly matchups and player rankings this season too. In this analysis, I will be going over the top ten fantasy football quarterbacks for week six. After the injury of Dak Prescott and upcoming bye weeks for fantasy leader Russell Wilson, Justin Herbert, Drew Brees, and Derek Carr, the rankings for week six are bound to look a little different.

RankTierNameWeek 5 Fantasy PointsWeek 6 OpponentWeek 6 Projection
11Patrick Mahomes29.7@Buffalo Bills30
21Kyler Murray26.3@Dallas Cowboys28.5
31Josh Allenvs. Kansas City Chiefs28
42Aaron RodgersBYE@ Tampa Bay Buccaneers26
52Tom Brady14.12vs. Green Bay Packers24
62Deshaun Watson24.86@Tennessee Titans23
73Jared Goff24.36@San Francisco 49ers22.5
83Ryan Fitzpatrick27.6vs. New York Jets22
94Ben Roethlisberger21.36vs. Cleveland Browns21
104Lamar Jackson13.5@Baltimore Ravens20

Tier One Quarterbacks

Patrick Mahomes has finally been on a tear of fantasy football in the past three weeks, considering he led fantasy points amongst quarterbacks in two of those weeks. This makes sense since he has played really good defenses in the last three weeks against the Raiders, Patriots, and the Ravens. He has been averaging roughly 28 fantasy points per week this season after a slow start. When he plays against a poor defense, there is a better likelihood he will not score as many fantasy points considering he won’t have to play as hard. However, next week against a tough Buffalo Bills defense, he will certainly be present in that highly anticipated matchup.

Kyler Murray has been consistently in the top ten fantasy standings each week this season. He is standing currently at fourth in total fantasy points this season with a healthy 129.56 through five weeks, which is roughly a 26 points average. Next week he will play against the Cowboys, who lost Dak Prescott this weekend and has a bonafide terrible defense. I expect him to compete for the top spot next week in fantasy points.

Josh Allen has remained consistent with being in the top 2-3 for quarterback rankings most weeks. This season he has been averaging 30 fantasy points per game and has been a monster of fantasy football behind Russell Wilson in standings. He may see some difficulty playing against the Kansas City Chiefs defense next week, but he should end up fairing pretty well for fantasy with another top-three performance.

Tier Two Quarterbacks

Aaron Rodgers will be coming off of a bye week next week to go up against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next Sunday. He currently ranks sixth in fantasy scoring due to his bye week last week. However, on average he puts up 26 fantasy points for his owners. Along with most quarterbacks on really solid teams, I expect him to be active in the game due to the tough Buccaneers defense. Considering the Buccaneers allow the fourth-least fantasy points to quarterbacks this season, this may be a bit of a challenge for Rodgers, requiring his full ability to get the win.

Tom Brady has certainly danced around the rankings, ranging from second to 29th in fantasy standings this season. He has been all over the place but will be key for the Bucs in week six against the Green Bay Packers. With the return of Chris Godwin next week, he should have some more help in the passing game after losing O.J Howard for the season last week. I expect him to put up top-five numbers next week as the Bucs try to stay in the first spot in the NFC South.

Deshaun Watson started off his fantasy season the same way his team did: treacherously. He stayed consistently close to the 20th spot in fantasy through the first three weeks, but he has made his way back to the fourth spot last week with 24.86 fantasy points. He has struggled against solid defenses, but he put up a healthy stat line against the Jaguars last week. It’s possible the firing of head coach and general manager Bill O’Brien has helped his offense step up their game, so hopefully, that energy carries over to the Tennessee Titans next week in week six.

Tier Three Quarterbacks

Jared Goff has been a quiet fantasy starter since the beginning of the season. He has been around the top ten a couple of times this season, and last week he ranked sixth in the standings with 24.36 fantasy points. The run game has been certainly carrying the Los Angeles Rams as they rank seventh in rushing yards and first in rushing touchdowns this season from the help of Darrell Henderson and Malcolm Brown in the backfield. However, the 49ers have allowed the second least amount of fantasy points to opposing running backs this season, but are near the top ten in most allowed fantasy points to quarterbacks. I expect him to have a solid top ten week for fantasy in week six.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has been surprisingly really good for fantasy football this year ranking at an astounding seventh place in fantasy points this season with 103.86 fantasy points. They seriously beat up on the 49ers defense last week, and I anticipate they will do the same against the winless Jets next week. Especially, if Sam Darnold does not play, the expectation will be that the Dolphin defense will keep Fitzpatrick on the field to score more points. Last week Fitz-magic landed himself in second place for fantasy points and he should continue his excellence with another top-10 fantasy week. He is only rostered in 19.9% of ESPN fantasy leagues, and that number should seriously change.

Tier Four Quarterbacks

Pittsburgh Steelers
Ben Roethlisberger has been averaging close to 20 fantasy points this season with the Steelers. This week, the Steelers face off against the Cleveland Browns, who have allowed the seventh-most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season. Chase Claypool put up an astounding three receiving touchdowns last week from Big Ben, with a rushing touchdown too. The Steelers have a lot of receiving weapons in Juju Smith-Schuster, Chase Claypool, Diontae Johnson, and Eric Ebron. I expect Roethlisberger to put up a top-ten week in fantasy next week.

Lamar Jackson has been seriously disappointing for his owners this season. Last season Lamar won the fantasy scoring title by a margin of about 78 fantasy points. The Ravens have been winning through their defense and rushing game which has excavated the need for Lamar in most games so far. Even against the Chiefs, where owners would expect for him to have a solid game, he only put up 14 fantasy points and was held to under 100 yards passing. However, I cannot deny his potential next week against the Philadelphia Eagles, who have a horrific defense and have allowed the seventh-most fantasy points to receivers.

Honorable Mentions

Cam Newton interestingly enough is suffering a case of COVID-19 this week. I did not include him in the rankings since he may not play this week. However, Belichick has said he could play Sunday against the Broncos if Newton tests negative by the end of the week and remains asymptomatic. Therefore, if he does play, he could put up top-five fantasy numbers against a Denver defense that has allowed the sixth-most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season.

Gardner Minshew has certainly been an interesting case of fantasy football this season. On possibly one of the worst teams in the league, he has managed to put up 94.26 fantasy points through five weeks which averages a little under twenty points. He has mostly delivered consistent numbers this season around the 20 point range and will continue to do so next week against the Detroit Lions, who have allowed the tenth-most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season.

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