Week 6 Kicker Start, Sit: K Fantasy Football Rankings

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I will be leading you through the kickers that you should be starting this week and those that should stray away from. I go through each defense and look at who tends to give up more field goals than others. Sometimes you don’t want to face the worst defense because no one wants just extra points. Here are the kickers that will be active this week and those who won’t be scoring much.

Start ‘Em

Mason Crosby, Green Bay Packers

Opponent: Detroit Lions

The Packers have had great success on offense the past few weeks, leading to a lot of action of out of Mason Crosby. He had made 2 field goals in each of the last 3 games along with at least 3 extra points (4 last week). The Lions have averaged just under 3 field goals against them per game which is tied for the most in the NFL. This week serves as a chance for Crosby to show off that leg of his.

Zane Gonzalez, Arizona Cardinals

Opponent: Atlanta Falcons

If last week is any representation of what we can expect, Zane Gonzalez can expect a ton of action. The Falcons’ defense looked horrendous against the Texans last week. The Texans’ kicker, Ka’imi Fairburn, had two field goals (long from 50) and 5 extra points. I don’t suspect that the Cardinals can find the endzone very often if last week proved anything. Gonzalez had 3 field goals in the red zone. He will be kicking a lot this week.


Justin Tucker, Baltimore Ravens

Opponent: Cincinnati Bengals

There is no game where you shouldn’t be starting Tucker except his bye week, but I wanted to include him because he is going to have a big game. The Bengals allowed 5 field goals in their last contest against the Cardinals. The Ravens will be scoring a lot this week with their run-heavy offense against a team that has had problems stopping the run. Hopefully, the Bengals can figure out how to stop them around the 35-yard line.

Austin Seibert, Cleveland Browns

Opponent: Seattle Seahawks

The Browns’ offense struggled last week with just one field goal to show for, but I highly doubt Baker Mayfield will underperform that poorly two weeks in a row. It could actually be a good thing for Seibert if he isn’t at his best. Maybe he will get stopped more in deeper field goal range to set up some big kicks. The Seahawks have also given up the fifth most field goals this season which is a good sign for a big day for Seibert.

Ka’imi Fairbairn, Houston Texans

Opponent: Kansas City Chiefs

I mentioned Fairbairn earlier and how he had 2 field goals (one from 50) and 5 extra points in a huge game for the Texans. I suspect that this game will have the same kind of vibe. Chiefs games usually lead to high scoring affairs, and the momentum from the last game will only add to that. In the Chiefs’ last game they allowed 4 short field goals to Adam Vinatieri. If the Chiefs can find some way to keep Deshaun Watson out of the endzone, there will be a large number of points in store for Fairbairn.

Sit ‘Em

Jason Sanders, Miami Dolphins

Opponent: Washington Redskins

Even when the Dolphins are playing against a defense as bad as the Redskins, I wouldn’t start a Dolphins’ player unless forced to. That includes their kicker. The Dolphins will not be scoring much and if they do, I imagine it being a long touchdown that results in just one point for Sanders. I can’t imagine why anyone would think of starting him, but here is your reminder that you shouldn’t.

Brandon McManus, Denver Broncos

Opponent: Tennessee Titans

McManus converted on two of his three field goals last week against the Chargers. He has had solid games every week with at least 1 field goal made, but this week will be a tougher one. The Titans don’t allow many field goals. In fact, only the Patriots have allowed fewer which is saying something. They have allowed four total field goals through five games, which is not a good sign for McManus in terms of his production this week.

Jake Elliot, Philadelphia Eagles

Opponent: Minnesota Vikings

Elliot has been super consistent this year at hitting 6 points every week. If you want consistency then Elliot is your guy, but if you want something big, stay away from him. The Eagles face the Vikings this week whose defense has been able to carry them to a 3-2 record and even had good games in the losses. As for field goals, they have averaged one against them per game. If I had to give a projection for Elliot this week, it would be 5.

Josh Lambo, Jacksonville Jaguars

Opponent: New Orleans Saints

This is my hot take for the article. Lambo has been a solid kicker this year despite being on the Jaguars who aren’t known for their explosive offense. He has been busy kicking field goals every game, but I think this will be an off week for him. The Saints haven’t been a team that allows many field goals this year. They have given up plenty of touchdowns which would give Lambo some extra points, but I think his streak of 2+ fields goals each game.

Matt Prater, Detroit Lions

Opponent: Green Bay Packers

This pains me to put Prater here as a Lions fan, but this game should turn out to be on the lower end of points scored. Prater and the Lions have their moments when Prater can go completely off but then there are weeks like Week 2 where he only got one extra point and a missed field goal. The Packers have a strong defense that should give problems to the Lions. The Lions have bad history with facing the Packers which makes me think Prater is not a good start this week.

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