Week 6 QB Start, Sit Fantasy Strategy: Ryan Tannehill’s Dominance

With games constantly shifting due to Covid, it has been difficult to prepare for streaming the QB position. If you happened to pick up Justin Herbet to stream against Miami, now Herbet has a BYE and Miami is playing the Jets. However, like every week, there is a plentiful amount of options to choose from on the waivers. Even in deeper leagues, I am sure that one of these starts could be a play.

Do not get trapped into sticking with the same QB because he had a good week. This is the whole point of streaming. One of my first sits of this week was my shining star to start last week. You must have a short memory when playing fantasy football and streaming the QB position. Find the next great matchup in the QB spot and play a guy who is going to be a stud, not a guy who has been a stud.

Start Them


Gardner Minshew

Vs Detroit Lions

The Lions’ secondary is one of the easier matchups for QBs. While the CBs are finally starting to get healthy, they are not necessarily good. I believe that DJ Chark can handle 1st round pick Jeff Okudah with ease. Meanwhile, the myriad of other weapons at Misnhew’s disposal will have no problem getting open against their matchups. This should be a back and forth game as you will soon see that both of these QBs are viable plays.

Minshew should give you a bit of rushing upside as he consistently has tacked on 20 yards on the ground to pad his performances. However, what should excite you is the 4 straight games of 40+ attempts, and hitting the 300 yards-mark in three of those. I do not think that this game will turn out any different. Minshew is a QB1 this week.


Ryan Tannehill

Vs Houston Texans

Since becoming the starter, Tannehill has only really busted in one game. That was this year at Minnesota when his team still won the game, he just never got a passing TD in the game. We saw Tannehill unleash what he was capable of against the Bills, passing for three scores and rushing in another. With AJ Brown healthy, it does not matter if Corey Davis and Adam Humphries are out. AJ Brown is such an elite WR that he gives Tannehill someone to throw to every play. I will say though, having the athletic freak of Jonnu Smith at tight-end also has its perks.

This Houston defense is not good. After firing Bill O’Brian they had their best performance against the Jaguars but still gave up a big day to the QB. The Titans should dominate this game and your only worry should be that Tannehill will not have to pass enough in this game. However, with Watson on the other side, I doubt that will be the case. Watson should be able to produce just enough to keep the game competitive.


Matthew Stafford

@ Jacksonville Jaguars

Matthew Stafford is basically the entire offense for this Lions team. I do not think that they will be able to rely on Peterson or Swift to really get anything going. Combine that with the fact that Minshew will be slinging the ball on the other side, and I think that Stafford is a perfect play this week. With his BYE being last week it is very likely that he is on waivers, and you can snag Stafford right now for a great two-week play of Jacksonville this week and Atlanta next week. Go get Matt Stafford and get yourself two weeks of elite QB play.


Kirk Cousins

Vs Atlanta Falcons

Kirk Cousins was okay last week, but you hope for more against the Seattle secondary. However, the rushing game was destroying the Hawks. This week with Dalvin Cook banged up and Mattison being the real rushing threat, I can see the Vikings relying more on Cousins. Nobody on the Falcons can cover either Thielen or Jefferson. Therefore, Cousins can have his way with this defense if he stays confident and aggressive throughout this game. My least favorite option out of the four, but still a good one to stick into your lineup.

Sit Them


Teddy Bridgewater

Vs Chicago Bears

Teddy is coming off of being one of my number 1 QBs in both season-long and daily fantasy for last week. However, that all had to do with the matchup. Against one of the best defenses in the Chicago Bears, I am not touching Bridgewater. Teddy can still have an okay game if he ends up with the TDs instead of CMC or Mike Davis. However, that is not the ceiling play you are going for when there are such great options on the waivers. Plus, whenever you play such a great defense you have the chance for that killer QB bust game.

Joe Burrow

@ Indianapolis Colts

I was wrong about Burrow being somewhat matchup proof, as the Ravens dominated the rookie QB. I believe that he fares better against the Colts and their overrated secondary. However, that does not mean play him. Again, better options are available and the Colts have been one of the absolute toughest matchups for QBs on the year. Play one of the sure things this week with a plus matchup and stay away from Burrow in a game that will be another hard test for the young QB.


Carson Wentz

Vs Baltimore Ravens

Do not play your QBs against the Ravens. While Wentz did have a surprisingly good game against the Stealers, the Ravens are an even better group in the secondary. The practice squad WRs that Wentz is dealing with will not be able to get open against this group. There is no way that Wentz repeats last week or even gets close unless he has some success rushing the ball himself. Do not be tempted by the good week and name-value!

Matthew is a UC Berkeley economic and philosophy graduate. He has played DFS, Football pools, and survival leagues for most of his adult life. Matthew brings to the table great strategies for both your GPP and Cash plays as well as a winning track record with his picks of the week.

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