Week 6 RB Waiver Pickups & Adds: Running Back Fantasy FAAB Bids

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Week 6 sees the running back pool pretty dried out. It also sees the Giants once again losing a running back, this time Gallman going out with a concussion for an indeterminate amount of time. In case your starter isn’t performing how you might like them to, or you’ve lost a starter to an injury, here are some players you might want to pick up off of waiver for week 6.

Ito Smith

Opponent: Cardinals

Once again, Ito Smith makes the list. Smith wasn’t very productive last week, but the entire Falcons running game wasn’t productive. Smith, however, went 5 for 19 for an average of 3.8 yards per carry while Freeman took his 11 carries 30 yards for an average of 2.7 yards per carry. Smith also had 6 receptions for 45 yards, while Freeman went 5 for 40 and a touchdown. Again, it looks like Smith is on par if not performing slightly better than Freeman. Ito Smith is looking like a good pickup again, and his ownership percentage still sits around 14%, which is where it was last week. He got a solid 12.5 points in PPR leagues, which is a pretty solid score for a backup or a pickup on a bye week/injury replacement.

Malcolm Brown

Opponent: 49ers

Unfortunately for Rams fans and fantasy players with him on their roster, Gurley hasn’t looked like the same powerful back he’s been in past years. He’s still an elite and productive back, however, and he still puts up pretty big numbers like the two touchdowns he scored off of 15 carries for 51 yards (average of 3.4 yards per carry). Brown started the season getting a lot of carries. He’s getting fewer carries lately, but with Gurley’s past injury still clearly affecting him, Brown might get another at chance splitting carries or even taking over for Gurley at some point during the season.

Reggie Bonnafon

Opponent: Buccaneers

Bonnafon was a player I hadn’t heard of before his performance on Sunday. For an entity that I’m sure was unknown to many, he made a huge splash, taking his 5 carries 80 yards for an average of 16 yards per carry, and scoring a touchdown. His performance was overshadowed by McCaffery, however, who when 19 carries for 179 yards (averaging 9.3 yards per carry) and scoring two touchdowns, plus 6 receptions for 61 yards and a touchdown. McCaffery is a powerhouse and is obviously going to be the Panthers’ go-to guy unless he gets injured, but the Panthers work him incredibly hard. On Sunday, he was replaced by Bonnafon toward the end of the game due to cramps. Bonnafon is going to be a good backup RB to have in case McCaffery gets injured.

John Hilliman

Opponent: Patriots

Hilliman was elevated from the practice squad when Gallman left the game early on Sunday due to a concussion. It’s still to be seen whether or not Barkley will be back on Thursday for their game against the Patriots, but if Barkley is out Hilliman is going to get a lot of carries. It will be hard to run against the Patriots defense, but the Giants like to run and Hilliman, if he’s in, is going to be getting most of those carries.

Gus Edwards

Opponent: Bengals

Gus Edwards was on the waiver pickup list last week as well. Again, Edwards is more of a backup add to your team in case something happens to Mark Ingram. Jackson carried 14 times for 70 yards and an average of 5 yards per carry. Ingram carried 19 times for 44 yards, averaging 2.3 yards per carry and getting his team a touchdown. Edwards, however, still got 5 carries on Sunday and went 17 yards, averaging 3.4 yards per carry. He’s showing promise, and if Ingram is ever injured or out for any reason, Edwards will be taking his place. The Ravens are a running team, and a very powerful one at that. Edwards will thrive in their run-heavy environment, especially if he ends up as their starter if anything happens to Ingram.

Rex Burkhead

Opponent: Giants

As of now, Burkhead is out for week 6 with a foot injury. He’s been a pretty productive back for them this season, with 112 rush yards, 117 receiving yards, and 1 touchdown on the season. These are pretty good numbers for a possible backup running back on your roster. While his gameplay is limited right now due to his injury, it’s not a season ender. He’s going to come back in, and with a high powered offense like the Patriots, a huge game is never out of reach for any of the players. Burkhead has proven to be consistent, and as his ownership percentage dips due to his injury you might be able to pick him up when you couldn’t before. Look out for Burkhead on the waiver wire before he’s off of it in your league.

Chase Edmonds

Opponent: Falcons

The Cardinals saw some good play from Edmonds on Sunday against the Bengals, taking 8 carries for 68 yards (average of 8.5 yards per carry). Edmonds also scored a touchdown on Sunday. David Johnson carried 17 times for 91 yards and an average of 5.4 yards per carry. Edmonds has been getting progressively more carries over the past 3 weeks, and has been proving himself to be promising player. He may very well start to split carries with David Johnson. Either way, he has been playing well and has been getting more and more carries to match his potential. Edmonds might be a good pickup, especially as the Cardinals offense gets into the swing of things like they seemed to do on Sunday night against the Bengals.

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