Week 7 Defense (DEF/DST) Waiver Wire Pickups: Chiefs Are A Solid Option

Last week, I was high on the Giants’ and the Dolphins’ defenses and they performed. The Giants created three sacks, two turnovers, and a touchdown while holding Washington to 13 total points. The Dolphins shut out the Jets with three sacks and an interception. It is clear that the Jets are the team to target from now on as they look horrible on offense, especially without Le’Veon Bell. Also, the Browns looked horrible against the Steelers. Part of that is because the Steelers are one of the best defenses in the league, but the Browns might be starting to return to their usual selves after having some explosive weeks to start the season. As we move into week 7, I have put together some of the matchups you should be targeting if you are streaming your defense. Here are the defense waiver wire adds for week 7.

TeamOpponentOwn %
Kansas City ChiefsDenver Broncos37.6
Los Angeles ChargersJacksonville Jaguars19.3
Green Bay PackersHouston Texans8.8
New Orleans SaintsCarolina Panthers41.8
Cincinnati BengalsCleveland Browns3.4
Detroit LionsAtlanta Falcons2.7

Kansas City Chiefs

Opponent: Denver Broncos
Own %: 37.6

Kansas City ChiefsThe Chiefs have a tough matchup against the Bills on Monday night which could go poorly quickly. That is the main reason why many fantasy owners dropped the Chiefs for this week. With their ownership lowered, it is a great time to pick them up for their favorable matchup next week. They take on the Broncos who scored all field goals last week against the Patriots. They have had just one explosive week this season which was against the Jets. The Chiefs possess a much better defense than the Jets. The rest of the defenses the Broncos have played have greatly benefited in fantasy. The Chiefs are coming off a rough week in the last game against the Rams in week 5, but they have shown what they are capable of in weeks before.

Los Angeles Chargers

Opponent: Jacksonville Jaguars
Own %: 19.3

Los Angeles ChargersAfter coming off their bye week, the Chargers have a great matchup as they move into week 7. The Jaguars looked horrible against the Lions’ defense last week who have not looked good for the rest of the season. They made a bad defense look good and could do it again for the Chargers. The Chargers started out strong but have been subpar since. They have given up 30 points in each of their past two games but have a great outlook for the next two weeks. They showed in week 1 that they perform well against poor offenses which is what they got for two weeks in a row. Starting with the Jaguars next week, they could build a streak of strong defensive games for the next couple of weeks.

Green Bay Packers

Opponent: Houston Texans
Own %: 8.8

Green Bay PackersThe Packers had it rough last week against the Buccaneers who dominated them. It will be a bounce-back week for them in week 7. We have seen that they are a top team in the league, they just need to play like it. The offense struggled which ended up hurting their defense in the long run. Once their offense picks back up, the defense will not be out there all the time, leading to better results. The Texans have recently found ways to score, but they should be returning also to how their season started. This will be a game of balancing out as the Packers return to their dominance and the Texans start to slow down.

New Orleans Saints

Opponent: Carolina Panthers
Own %: 41.8

New Orleans SaintsThe Saints’ ownership dropped with their bye week, but they have consistently produced this season minus one week. After a break while on bye, the Saints will be well-rested to take on the Panthers. The Panthers are coming off a slow week against the Bears. They only put up 16 points while 10 of those points came in the 4th quarter. There is a chance that Christian McCaffrey returns and even his return raises question marks. Will he be the same coming right out of his trip to the injured-reserve list? It has been a while since he has touched the field and the Saints can take advantage of that. Stopping him will stop their offense which favors the Saints this week.

Cincinnati Bengals

Opponent: Cleveland Browns
Own %: 3.4

Cincinnati BengalsThe Bengals have been a fairly poor defense this season as they have yet to have a game where they have boomed according to ESPN standards while they have busted four times. They got a hot Browns team in week 2 who exploited the Bengals, scoring 35 points with just one interception. This is a different Browns team after seeing them play last week. Baker Mayfield is banged up and was taken out of the game last week. The Steelers made them look horrible which the Bengals can use as momentum for the week. It is their time to rebound against their loss in week 2. They have created at least one turnover in each of the last five games while doing a decent job at holding teams in scoring. With the Browns at a low point, it is their shot to bounce back.

Detroit Lions

Opponent: Atlanta Falcons
Own %: 2.7

Detroit LionsIt is a hit or miss for the Lions this year. Normally, I would never tell anyone to play the Lions’ defense, but if you are in a deep hole and no defenses remain, they are a possible option. They are coming off a great defensive performance against the Jaguars last week and face a Falcons’ offense that is also hit or miss. Both sides are coming into this game with momentum, but the Lions could come away with another good performance. It is a big risk as the Falcons have the ability to conquer defenses, but when their offense is off, it is really off. The Lions showed how they can play last week when things go their way, and it could just happen again.

I started playing fantasy football in 2010 at 12 years old where I subbed in for an owner who was having a baby. That year I won the championship in a 16-team league, carried by Arian Foster and Michael Vick. I have yet to bring a trophy home since then, but my love for fantasy football has grown, delving more and more in the statistics and finding ways to improve my drafting ability.

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