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The Panthers, Browns, Steelers, and Tampa Bay are all on bye in week 7, meaning some big fantasy players are out this week. For running backs, McCaffrey and Chubb are out leaving a lot of people without their RB1s. Godwin and JuJu are out when it comes to receivers, which leaves a lot of people without their WR1s. Here are some recommendations for players who might do a good job filling those holes in your roster.

Chase Edmonds

Opponent: Giants
Against the Falcons, Edmonds had 5 carries for 34 yards. David Johnson also went 34 yards, but on 11 carries instead of 5. Where Johnson really broke away from Edmonds was in the passing game, which is where he went 6 for 68 and one touchdown. Edmonds, however, went 2 for 33 and got a touchdown as well in the passing game for the Cardinals. Edmonds also has a pretty good matchup against the Giants, who have been pretty weak against the run so far this year.

Darrell Henderson

Opponent: Falcons
Before Sunday, Henderson hadn’t gotten a carry since week 1. However, against the 49ers’ pass rush he took his 6 carries 39 yards, for an average of 6.5, more than Malcolm Brown (Gurley’s replacement). It isn’t clear how long Gurley is going to be out for. However, Henderson is most likely going to be getting the ball a little more this year as the Rams give Gurley some time to heal up before the latter half of the season begins. Henderson also has a great matchup this weekend against a weak Falcons defense, so if he’s put in he’s going to be efficient.

Auden Tate

Opponent: Jacksonville
Over the last four weeks, Auden Tate has gotten 12, 9, 11, and 14 PPR point games. John Ross is going to be out this coming Sunday, and A.J. Green is still questionable. He’s been a go-to for them and will continue to be throughout the season. The matchup is questionable for this week, as Jacksonville’s pass defense has been pretty strong even without Ramsey, but I’m expecting them to be a bit weaker as they continue to figure out how to run the defense without him.

John Brown

Opponent: Miami
John Brown had a big game against the Titans, taking 5 receptions 75 yards. He’s still just below 60% ownership, so there’s a possibility he’s available in your league. The Bills have an incredibly favorable matchup against Miami this week. Josh Allen has proven his talent this season, and will probably light up this Miami defense. I think John Brown has the chance to get numbers similar to what JuJu, or even Godwin would have gotten you.

Jacoby Brissett

Opponent: Texans
If you’re missing a quarterback this week, maybe think about picking up Brissett. I think it’s safe to say that Brissett has exceeded expectations this season and has shown up as a great leader for a talented Colts team. He has 1,062 yards, 10 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions on the season. His matchup isn’t the greatest, but it’s definitely not the worst. The Texans’ secondary has allowed opponents to score a lot of points here and there, like against the Falcons. He’s a good pickup for week 7 if you’re missing Allen or Winston.

Daniel Jones

Opponent: Cardinals
The Cardinals secondary hasn’t been playing very well this year, and therefore Daniel Jones might be another good choice if your quarterback spot needs filling. Much like Brissett, Jones has stepped up pretty well as a leader for his team. He has 921 yards and 5 touchdowns, with 6 interceptions. Jones is definitely turnover prone, which is why you might be hesitant to add him to your roster. He has had some big games, however, and is most likely looking for another one against the Cardinals.

49ers Defense

Opponent: Redskins
The 49ers defense was under a little bit of a suspicious eye at the beginning of the season. They were playing well, but they had been playing teams that didn’t have the strongest offenses. However, after their stunning performances against the Rams and the Browns, it’s safe to say that that 49ers defense is a force to be reckoned with. Nick Bosa has been dominant this season, and proved his power with his game against the Browns where he dominated Baker Mayfield. Defenses have been providing surprising fantasy highs this year, so picking up the 49ers defense before they’re gone might turn out to be a great investment. The 49ers defense put up 19 points against the Browns and 12 points against the Rams in PPR leagues, so they’re most likely as productive as a couple of the players on your roster.

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