Week 7 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings: Deshaun Watson Coming Alive

Need help figuring out how to manage your fantasy football team? All the information you need to help you is here on the website with rankings, projections, and in-depth analysis to help you be the best you can at fantasy football. Don’t forget to check out our fantasy football tools to help you figure out who to start/sit and trade for every week. Last week, Deshaun Watson finally looked like his old self after topping the quarterback standings in fantasy points. Alongside Watson, I will be ranking the top-ten quarterbacks for fantasy football in week seven in this article.

RankTierNameAverage PointsWeek 7 OpponentWeek 7 Projection
11Patrick Mahomes27.77@ Denver Broncos32.5
21Aaron Rodgers21.77@ Houston Texans30.5
31Russell Wilson30.1@ Arizona Cardinals29.5
42Josh Allen27.73@ New York Jets28
52Kyler Murray27.11vs. Seattle Seahawks27.5
63Justin Herbert22.58vs. Jacksonville Jaguars25
73Deshaun Watson22.56vs. Green Bay Packers24
83Tom Brady19.71@ Las Vegas Raiders23.5
94Matt Ryan19.64vs. Detroit Lions23
104Ryan Tannehill23.68vs. Pittsburgh Steelers21

Tier One Quarterbacks

Patrick Mahomes has certainly been inconsistent in fantasy this season. He has had two weeks where he has ranked in the top 3 for quarterbacks in fantasy, and two where he is ranked outside the top 15. He has certainly not been the most ideal fantasy quarterback, but it is important to see his matchups. The Denver Broncos gave the Patriots and Cam Newton a hard time last week while taking a win from them. However, they have let up the third-most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season with an average of 26.6 to opposing quarterbacks. Also, they have held running backs to the second least amount of fantasy points this season, creating a need for the Chiefs to pass next week. Mahomes has still averaged 27 this year and should put up more than that next week.

Aaron Rodgers had a very tough week last week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he put up a season-low of 3.8 fantasy points. His performance last week did not rank in the top-25 of quarterbacks and he will be looking to make a statement next week against the Texans. The Texans have a difficult enough defense to force Rodgers to pass all game and fantasy owners will be happy with his performance next week. Look for him to have an above-average week over the 21 fantasy points he has typically been putting up.

Russell Wilson remains the king of fantasy football this season as the only quarterback to average over 30 fantasy points. He will face the Arizona Cardinals next week in a divisional matchup to test the Seahawks undefeated record. It would be difficult to rank him higher than a third against a defense that has allowed the second least fantasy points to quarterbacks, but Russell is up to any test with the highest-scoring offense in the league.

Tier Two Quarterbacks

Josh Allen has shown that he is human in the past two weeks, only averaging around 15.5 fantasy points per game in those games. He is still averaging 27 fantasy points on the season and will return to a lighter schedule against the Jets next week. His fourteen touchdowns are still ranked second in the league behind Russell Wilson, and he should continue that into next week against the Jets’ weak defense. The only problem with Allen for fantasy is the concern he may not need to do a whole lot to pull out the win next week against the winless Jets.

Kyler Murray has been a consistent hover around the top five each week for fantasy football, making him a solid starter. Kyler has a rushing touchdown in every week except one week and leads the league in yards per rush with a value of 7.2 YPC. He has averaged an impressive 27.11 fantasy points this season but will remain in the fifth spot. The Seahawks have allowed the sixth-most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season, and Kyler should take advantage of this lackadaisical defense in week seven.

Tier Three Quarterbacks

Los Angeles Chargers
Justin Herbert has been a continued success for fantasy owners that may not have thought much of him at the beginning of the season. Last week, he took advantage of the Saints’ weak secondary to throw for four touchdowns with no interceptions. Look for him to do the same next week against a Jacksonville Jaguars’ defense that is top-ten in fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks. Herbert should be a continued valuable QB1 for fantasy this season.

Deshaun Watson finally came alive for his fantasy owners last week putting up 32 fantasy points against the Titans to nearly winning the game against the undefeated team. He is averaging 22.56 fantasy points this season even after a rough start to the season. I expect Watson to have to pass most of the game against the Packers, where he will try to make another close game against Aaron Rodgers. Watson should rank in the top ten again next week.

Tier Four Quarterbacks

Tom Brady certainly showed his abilities last week after defeating the Green Bay Packers in a blowout win. He only had to throw for 166 yards and two touchdowns to win the game, but he should have another big challenge next week against the Raiders. He has averaged just under 20 fantasy points per game, but the Bucs will need to produce a hefty amount on offense to keep up with the high volume offense of the Raiders. Brady should have a top-ten week in fantasy next week.

Matt Ryan stepped in big last week throwing for nearly 400 yards and four touchdowns against the Minnesota Vikings. Ryan has averaged 19.64 points after a rough three-game stretch against the Bears, Packers, and Panthers between weeks 3-5. However, the Lions have allowed the fifth-most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season and have produced enough on offense to keep things close between their opponents with a margin of-2.0 points on the year. I expect Matt Ryan to have to work hard in this game to try to take their second win of the season.

Ryan Tannehill has been a dark horse of fantasy football this season with an average point total of 23.68. While the offense is seemingly run by Derrick Henry, Tannehill still makes his contribution in the passing game. With Corey Davis making his way off of the COVID list for next week, Tannehill should take full advantage of his receiving core coming back to full health. Tannehill should hover around the top-ten against a tough Pittsburgh Steelers defense.

Honorable Mentions

Matthew Stafford is ranked past 20th place for total points this season, but still averages near 18 points. With the possibility of needing a quarterback to fill in for bye weeks next week, Stafford is the way to go. The Atlanta Falcons have allowed the most points to quarterbacks this season by a margin of nearly nine points per game on average. Matthew Stafford should certainly take advantage of this next week and be close to ranking in the top ten.

Cam Newton had a seriously tough week against the Broncos last week by allowing them to get upset in the end. After two weeks off due to COVID, the Patriots and Cam Newton will face another tough matchup against the San Francisco 49ers. But, Newton has still averaged the seventh-most fantasy points per game and should see a comeback game next week in fantasy football.

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