Week 7 Kicker Waiver Wire Pickups & Adds: Pick Up Koo Already

The big stand out last week at kicker was Brandon McManus. The Patriots and Broncos game was full of field goals as McManus made all six of his attempts. Two came from 30+, two from 40+, and two from 50+ yards. With back-to-back games where the Broncos have heavily used their kicking game, McManus could be the man moving forward as he is rarely owned. My man, Younghoe Koo, also showed just how badly teams need to start owning him. He has had not one bad week this year and is ranked number three on the top fantasy kickers this season. Another four field goal week for Koo with an additional four extra points shows how much the Falcons score. Moving forward, we will see a giant leap in Koo’s ownership finally and you need to get him before that jump. Moving into week 7, we have seen the offenses that score and those that cannot. Before it is too late, you need to pick up a kicker that is attached to a solid offense. Here are the kickers you should be picking up off the waiver wire for week 7.

Younghoe Koo, Atlanta Falcons

Opponent: Detroit Lions
Own %: 45.3

It is time for Younghoe Koo to never be on this list anymore. Time and time again, Koo has put up game-changing type numbers that could sway a victory in some cases. After his second four field-goal week last week, there is no excuse for him to sit on waivers for another week. The Lions as an opponent just make the case even stronger as the Lions’ defense has been fairly generous in allowing points. Their rank has increased after last week due to their impressive performance against the Jaguars, but the Falcons are a different team. The best the Lions will be able to do is keep them out of the endzone which will greatly benefit Koo as it would lead to an increase in field goal attempts. I could see a similar performance from last week occurring again.

Graham Gano, New York Giants

Opponent: Philadelphia Eagles
Own %: 38.7

I would not have thought I would have Graham Gano on this list at all as he is part of a Giants’ team that does not look good on paper at all, but it is that lack of a solid part of their offense that gives Gano immense value. The only thing that the Giants are good at is kicking field goals. They rarely score touchdowns, in fact, they have 16 field-goal attempts and only 6 extra-point attempts. With the mass amount of field-goal attempts, Gano has only missed one opportunity this season. The Eagles have also allowed the 12th-most fantasy points to kickers. The Eagles have allowed a lot more touchdowns than field goals, so we will see how a poor defense plays against a bad offense. It could be another great week for Gano.

Joey Slye, Carolina Panthers

Opponent: New Orleans Saints
Own %: 27.6

Making this list again is Joey Slye who, like Koo, continues to put up impressive numbers while being rarely owned in most leagues. If it was not for a missed 50+ yard field goal, Slye could have been among the top three scorers among kickers last week. Despite that, he made three out of four field goals with an additional extra point. The absence of Christian McCaffrey has boosted Slye’s points as they are not scoring touchdowns exclusively. In fact, in the majority of the Panthers’ games, they have kicked more field goals than they have scored touchdowns. With McCaffrey likely to get more time to recover as they have liked Mike Davis’s ability to lead the backfield, Slye will continue to see more work and maybe make the 50+ yard field goals from now on.

Michael Badgley, Los Angeles Chargers

Opponent: Jacksonville Jaguars
Own %: 1.6

After a bye week, the Chargers will be in great shape to exploit the Jaguars’ defense which has been falling apart. Matt Prater had a very productive week last week against them last week which likely carries over into week 7. Herbert has been taking over the Chargers’ offense and has been doing a great job of moving the ball even with Ekeler out. The combination of an offense who moves the ball paired with an opponent who has trouble stopping the ball works well with kicker ownership. The one problem with Badgley is his consistency with converting on field goals. His inaccuracy has led to problems recently, but if he gets plenty of opportunities this week, that will not make much of a difference.

Randy Bullock, Cincinnati Bengals

Opponent: Cleveland Browns
Own %: 44.5

The only week in which Randy Bullock has not given a good week was in week 5 against the Ravens who are arguably one of the best defenses in the league. Even against the Colts last week, he made two of three field goals with three extra points. The Bengals are starting to turn things around as Joe Burrow becomes more accustomed to the NFL. They have been scoring more and Bullock has reaped the benefits. As they move into their week 7 matchup against the Browns, they are highly favorable as the Browns’ offense and their defense were miserable last week. As it has rarely hurt to play Bullock at all this season, week 7 is set to be another good week for him.

Brandon McManus, Denver Broncos

Opponent: Kansas City Chiefs
Own %: 7.2

Like I mentioned in the introduction, Brandon McManus tore up the Patriots last week with six field goals from varying distances. He led the way in scoring last week and that makes two straight games in which McManus has been near the top of scoring for kickers. The Broncos have that offense that has pieces that occasionally come together and produce something great but oftentimes fall short and settle for a field goal. We have seen that recently, especially last week with all six attempts. The Chiefs have a decent defense that has shown to have holes. It will be up to the Broncos’ offense to penetrate those holes which could result in another great game for McManus.

I started playing fantasy football in 2010 at 12 years old where I subbed in for an owner who was having a baby. That year I won the championship in a 16-team league, carried by Arian Foster and Michael Vick. I have yet to bring a trophy home since then, but my love for fantasy football has grown, delving more and more in the statistics and finding ways to improve my drafting ability.

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