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A couple of injuries in week 6 has left some fantasy players questioning the stability of their week 7 starters. Alvin Kamara and James Conner were both injured, and while it seems both of them will play on Sunday, it’s yet to be seen whether they’ll be playing to their full extent or not. Here are some suggestions for players to pick up before Sunday, who have the potential to give you the edge in your Sunday matchups.

NameTeamOpponentOwn %
Carlos Hyde
Ronald Jones II
Latavius Murray
Benny Snell Jr.
Darrell Henderson
Chase Edmonds
Jamaal Williams

Carlos Hyde

Opponent: Colts
Carlos Hyde is at 64.3% ownership so there’s a higher than average chance he’s taken in your league already. However, he’s been playing so well that 64.3% ownership is, in my opinion, still pretty low for how he’s been playing lately. Carlos Hyde racked up 116 yards and a touchdown on 26 carries on Sunday against the Chiefs, for an average of 4.5 yards per carry. He was, therefore, an essential player in the Texans’ upset win on Sunday. The Texans have been running the ball a lot more lately, and it’s been working out really well for them. Hyde is at 64.3%, but I’m expecting that to jump up soon. I’d pick him up sooner rather than later.

Ronald Jones

Opponent: BYE
Ronald Jones has been on my list for the past couple of weeks. He’s gone up in ownership, and is currently at 58% ownership right now. He had only 4 carries against the Panthers for 10 yards, but he did score a touchdown. This proves that the Buccaneers are still relying on him when it comes to big plays like potential scores, and therefore he’s going to be a good add if you’re looking for a bench player with the potential to have a big game here or there. He still has potential to have big games and again, makes a great player to have on your bench. You never know when the Buccaneers are going to rely on him instead of Peyton Barber, which means his potential to have a big game is always present.

Latavius Murray

Opponent: Bears

While Murray had fewer carries than Kamara on Sunday, he had more yards on the ground. He went 8 for 44 while Kamara went 11 for 31. Kamara suffered an injury on Sunday, and while he’s probably not missing Sunday’s game he’s most likely going to be splitting carries again with Murray. Murray proved his efficacy and his efficiency on Sunday against the Jaguars, and therefore Payton is going to be more likely to give him the ball. In a high powered offense like the Saints’s, he’s going to be getting a fair amount of carries if he’s splitting with Kamara. He’s a good pickup before Sunday due to the potential he has to get a lot of carries, and the efficiency he’s proven with the carries he has gotten.

Benny Snell Jr.

Opponent: BYE

On Sunday, Snell carried for a total of 75 yards off of 17 carries. James Conner left late during the 3rd quarter on Sunday due to a quad injury. While James Conner ran for their only rushing touchdown during the game, Snell put up more yards than he did, and put up a better average with 4.4 yards per carry compared to Conner’s 2.6. Again, just like the case with Murray, even if Conner is in for the Steelers’ game next week, he’s most likely going to be splitting carries with Murray. The Steelers aren’t going to be afraid to run the ball with Murray due to his above-average performance on Sunday and therefore he’s probably going to get a lot of carries, to avoid aggravating Conner’s injury.

Darrell Henderson

Opponent: Falcons

Before Sunday, Henderson hadn’t gotten a carry since week 1. However, against the 49ers’ pass rush he took his 6 carries 39 yards, for an average of 6.5, more than Malcolm Brown (Gurley’s replacement). It isn’t clear how long Gurley is going to be out for. However, Henderson is most likely going to be getting the ball a little more this year as the Rams give Gurley some time to heal up before the latter half of the season begins. Which is what I’m expecting the Rams to do, given how important Gurley seems to be to the Rams’ offense. He also has a very favorable matchup against a pretty weak Falcons’ defense, so if he is getting chances on Sunday there’s a high probability he’ll be effective with the chances he’s allowed.

Chase Edmonds

Opponent: Giants

Against the Falcons, Edmonds had 5 carries for 34 yards. David Johnson also went 34 yards, but on 11 carries instead of 5. Where Johnson really broke away from Edmonds was in the passing game, which is where he went 6 for 68 and one touchdown. Edmonds, however, went 2 for 33 and got a touchdown as well in the passing game for the Cardinals. It’s clear that David Johnson is their first choice, but Edmonds is clearly getting more popular with the Cardinals. With the RB waiver wire running thin I’d highly recommend Edmonds as a great backup, as he’s clearly proven his efficiency.

Jamaal Williams

Opponent: Raiders

After Aaron Jones lost a fumble in the first quarter and dropped a pretty clear touchdown, Jamaal Williams was given a chance at the ball. He ended up getting more carries than Jones and far more yards than him, taking his 14 carries for 104 yards (average of 7.4 yards per carry) compared to Aaron Jones’s 11 for 47 and an average of 4.3 yards per carry. After his huge performance in week 5 I doubt that Aaron Jones is going to be replaced by Jamaal Williams anytime soon. However, it’s clear that the Packers have confidence in him and therefore he’s going to be a good pickup off the waiver wire in case anything happens to Aaron Jones.

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