Week 8 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings (PPR): “Fitzmagic” comes to an end

Week 8 of fantasy football will test some lineups without star fantasy quarterback Kyler Murray due to a bye. Plus, Deshaun Watson and Gardner Minshew will also be serving their bye weeks in week 8. Owners of Ryan Fitzpatrick will also be upset at the fact that the quarterback with the eighth-most fantasy points for quarterbacks this season has been replaced by first-round draft pick Tua Tagovailoa. See who will make and miss the top ten quarterback rankings for week eight of fantasy football below.

RankTierNameAverage PointsWeek 8 OpponentWeek 8 Projection
11Russell Wilson30.08vs. San Francisco 49ers28
21Lamar Jackson21.33vs. Pittsburgh Steelers27
32Justin Herbert22.58@ Denver Broncos26.5
42Aaron Rodgers21.77vs. Minnesota Vikings26
52Tom Brady19.71@ New York Giants24
63Josh Allen25.79vs. New England Patriots23
73Patrick Mahomes26.58vs. New York Jets21
84Ryan Tannehill23.7@ Cincinnati Bengals20
94Carson Wentz20.69vs. Dallas Cowboys19
104Teddy Bridgewater17.36vs. Atlanta Falcons18

Tier One Quarterbacks

Russell Wilson continues to be the king of fantasy football with the highest average point total by nearly three fantasy points. Last week he entered a shootout with the Arizona Cardinals, and while his team came up short, he put up another 30 points in fantasy. San Francisco is a very tough defense in the NFL and is in the top five in the least amount of points allowed to every skill position. But, the Seahawks need a divisional win to stay on top after losing to the Cardinals and will need to throw the ball if they are without Chris Carson.

Lamar Jackson has a pretty low average of 21.73 fantasy points per week this season after owning the crown to fantasy football last season. However, the Ravens will play the divisional rival Pittsburgh Steelers next week, in a game they will want to win. He will need to compete well against this tough defense to win, making him a candidate to put up nearly 30 points next week.

Tier Two Quarterbacks

Justin Herbert has proven to be a great fantasy quarterback on the Chargers’ offense this season. Last week, he led the league in fantasy points with a 38.48 point game. He put up 347 passing yards and four total touchdowns in his first NFL career win against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Next week he will get the Denver Broncos, who have a solid run defense but a comparatively worse secondary that he is bound to take advantage of in the passing game.

Aaron Rodgers has continued to be one of the most efficient quarterbacks this season with a 113 QBR, second behind Wilson, and throwing for only two interceptions thus far in the season. In terms of fantasy, he is averaging near 22 points per game, putting him at tenth in average point standing. Next week the Packers have a divisional game against the Vikings, who he put up 364 yards, four touchdowns, and 30.76 fantasy points against in week one of the season. Look for him to do the same thing against the Vikings subpar defense.

Tom Brady has done some incredible things in the past four weeks to get his team back on track. He is first in touchdowns, touchdown-to-interception ratio, and fourth in yards in the last four weeks. He has gotten his team to 5-2 and some say he has put himself in the MVP conversation. Next week the Buccaneers play the New York Giants on Monday night football. The Giants have allowed the ninth most points to quarterbacks and the fifth most points to wide receivers. Look for TB to connect with newly signed receiver Antonio Brown in next week’s game.

Tier Three Quarterbacks

Josh Allen has certainly cooled off in his last three games with an average of close to 16 fantasy points per game. Last week, he did not have to do a whole lot against the New York Jets for his team to get the win. But, next week the Bills play division rival New England Patriots, who are desperate for a win. Allen should go back to the 30 point average he built in the first four weeks of the season.

Patrick Mahomes is in the same boat of fantasy football where he does not need to do a lot for his team to win. Last week is a perfect example, where he put up 200 yards and one touchdown in a 43-16 win over the Denver Broncos. Next week, he plays the New York Jets, who may be the worst team they face all year. I have to keep Mahomes in the top ten since there is always a chance he puts up big numbers. But, I cannot see him doing a whole lot next week in terms of fantasy.

Tier Four Quarterbacks

Ryan Tannehill has been having a great season on the dominant Titans team. He is sixth in touchdowns with 15 and eigth in completion percentage with around 68% completion percentage. In fantasy football, he has the tenth most fantasy points on the season and an average of 23.70 points per game. Next week the Titans play the Cincinnati Bengals, who have allowed the third-most points to quarterbacks. His only drawback is the fact that the Bengals have one of the worst rushing defenses, and Derrick Henry might take advantage of and steal the offensive attention from the passing game.

Carson Wentz started the season off in a very tough way, ranking 25th and 26th in the first two weeks of fantasy football. Now, he has the ninth most fantasy points and an average of 20.69 points per game. His offensive line and wide receivers have not been helping him much, but he has thrown the ball the third most of any quarterback. He will get a great opportunity to put up points next week against the Cowboys’ defense.

Teddy Bridgewater has been a great quarterback for the Panthers this season. Last week, he put up 254 yards and two touchdowns against the Saints in a divisional matchup. He ranks fifth in yards this season and second in completion percentage. His average is certainly low with a 17.36 fantasy point average this season. But, he can play well against bad defenses which gives him the shot to be a top ten fantasy quarterback next week against the Atlanta Falcons.

Honorable Mentions

Derek Carr has been kept off of my fantasy quarterback rankings longer than he deserves. However, he has only been in the top ten points standing in one week in week five. But, he averages nearly 20 points and has a productive offense to help him put up points. I certainly like his chances to have a great game next week against the Cleveland Browns.

Matt Ryan can still be a reliable fantasy quarterback when his team is healthy. He currently stands twelfth in fantasy points this season and averages close to 20 points per game. The Panthers may give him a hard time on defense considering they allow the seventh least amount of fantasy points to quarterbacks. However, Matt Ryan and his deep wide receiver core should be able to put up points on the Panthers.

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