Week 8 Kicker Rankings: Fantasy Kickers Pickups & Streamers

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While the usual suspects are still here, Tucker is off the list this week as the Ravens have a bye. Due to some favorable matchups, a couple of kickers have moved up the list. Here are the top 10 kickers going into week 8.

1. Will Lutz

Opponent: Cardinals
Ownership: 95%
Lutz has a great matchup this week. I’m expecting the Saints to torch the Cardinals defense, which has been pretty weak this season. The more the Saints drive down the field and score, the more chances Lutz gets at field goals and extra points. The Cardinals have allowed 9.1 fantasy points on average for kickers this season, so I’m expecting numbers like that (or even higher, based on the Saints’s powerful offense) for Lutz this upcoming Sunday.

2. Greg Zuerlein

Opponent: Bengals
Ownership: 99%
Zuerlein is another kicker with a great matchup this week. The Bengals have been a weak team defensively, which means more points for kickers. After a tough week 6 loss to the 49ers where they only scored 7 points, the Rams proved they still have a powerful offense against the Falcons in week 7, putting up 37 points. Zuerlein scored 13 of those points for the Rams. I’m expecting him to have a similar game against the Bengals.

3. Josh Lambo

Opponent: Jets
Ownership: 63%
Lambo is one of the few kickers this season with a 100% accuracy rating. He also has a pretty favorable matchup this week. His team is facing the Jets, who have allowed a total of 156 points this season. I’m expecting Lambo to get quite a few opportunities on Sunday. Based on how he’s been playing this season, I’m expecting him to hit them and rack up some points for your fantasy squad.

4. Harrison Butker

Opponent: Packers
Ownership: 97%
Butker is almost always going to be on this list, unless he’s injured or on bye. He’s 14 for 16 on field goals this season and 22 of 23 for extra points. It’s clear from the numbers alone that he gets a lot of chances, and makes most of them too. He’s always going to be a reliable kicker simply based on how powerful the Chiefs’ offense is, and how many opportunities that nets him. The Packers are a bit of a tough matchup, but with Pat Mahomes looking promising for this week and Tyreek Hill back, the Chiefs offense is looking good for Sunday.

5. Jason Myers

Opponent: Falcons
Ownership: 11%
Here’s another great matchup this week. The Seahawks have looked like a fantastic team this year, and a high powered offense. The Falcons defense has been really disappointing this year and is going to be an easy matchup for this Seattle offense. Myers is 8 of 11 on the season for field goals, and 19 for 20 on extra points. He’s going to get a lot of opportunities, and he’s going to be making most of them. Myers is a great pickup if you’re looking for a kicker this week, as this is a tough matchup to pass up.

6. Chris Boswell

Opponent: Dolphins
Ownership: 16%
Boswell is another kicker with a 100% accuracy rating this season. He’s 11 for 11 on field goals, and 12 for 12 on extra points. The Steelers haven’t been their usual strong offense this season, which is why I believe Boswell isn’t on as many fantasy teams as he could be. However, they have a great matchup against the Dolphins this week, and I’m expecting Boswell to get a lot of chances. Based on his record this season, he’ll hit most of those chances and get big points for your fantasy squad on Sunday.

7. Mike Nugent

Opponent: Browns
Ownership: 30%
Being on the Patriots, Nugent is going to get a spot on this list most of the time. They’re a great offense, and he gets a lot of chances, which means a lot of points for your fantasy team. He’s been pretty accurate as well, going 3 for 4 on field goals and 12 for 13 on extra points. These numbers may seem low, but keep in mind Nugent took over in week 5 after Gostkowski was placed on IR and deemed out for the season. I have a feeling Nugent is going to get quite a few chances when this Patriots offense takes on the Browns on Sunday.

8. Matt Prater

Opponent: Giants
Ownership: 74%
The Lions have been a fairly impressive offense this year. Prater has gotten a good amount of chances as well, going 13 for 15 on field goals and 14 for 15 on extra points. The Lions have a favorable matchup this week against a Giants defense that hasn’t been very strong this season. I’m expecting Prater to get more chances than usual this week, and rack up a fair amount of fantasy points.

9. Mason Crosby

Opponent: Chiefs
Ownership: 54%
Mason Crosby has a pretty good matchup this week against the Chiefs. While the Chiefs have a winning record, their main avenue to a win is outscoring their opponent, not through defense. The Packers are a powerful offense this season and I’m expecting them to put up a lot of points against the Chiefs, which, of course, means a lot of chances for Crosby. He’s 10 for 11 on field goals and 22 for 22 on extra points, so you can rely on him to make those kicks and get points for your squad.

10. Ka’imi Fairbairn

Opponent: Raiders
Ownership: 62%
Fairbairn would be higher on this list, but he hasn’t been quite as accurate as some of the other kickers. He’s 9 for 12 on field goals, and 18 for 22 on extra points. He gets a lot of chances though, clearly, and is going to keep getting them when he’s part of a team with an offense as strong as the Texans. Their matchup this week is against a Raiders defense that has been pretty middling this season, so I’m expecting Fairbairn to get a couple of field goal chances and some extra points this Sunday.

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