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Justin Tucker and Brett Maher, two starting fantasy kickers, are on bye this week. If your roster took a hit and you’re looking for a kicker to fill in a gap this week, here are some recommendations for players who might be on your waivers.

Ka’imi Fairbairn

Fairbairn hasn’t been the most accurate kicker this season, hitting 9 of 12 field goals (75% accuracy rating) and 18 of 22 extra points. However, that 22 extra point attempts is a big number, and speaks to the powerful offense of the Texans. With a powerful offense like that, he’s going to get a lot of chances. He has a good matchup against Oakland this week, and is most likely going to get a fair number of chances as the powerful Texans offense fights against a Raiders defense that has been on and off this season.

Mason Crosby

Crosby has a great matchup this week. The Chiefs are a tough team to play against, but it’s because their offense is so powerful that they simply outscore opponents. The Chiefs defense has been pretty easy to get through this season, which means a lot of chances for Mason Crosby on Sunday, especially with an offense that’s looking as strong as Green Bay’s. Crosby has been effective on the year, with a 91% accuracy rating on 10 of 11 field goals, and nailing 22 of his 22 extra point attempts. A great add if he’s available in your league.

Josh Lambo

Lambo is one of the five kickers with over 5 attempts to have a 100% accuracy rating on field goals this season. He’s 18 for 18, and 10 for 10 on extra points. He’s reliable, and he gets a fair amount of chances when it comes to snagging 3 points for his team. He has a pretty favorable matchup against the Jets, who have allowed 156 points on the year. Overall a good choice who has just under a 50% chance to be available in your league.

Matt Bryant

Bryant hasn’t been super accurate this season, only making 7 of 10 field goals. He has only missed one extra point, with 14 of 15 on the season. Bryant is part of a good passing offense, which gets him a fair number of chances. He’s going up against the Seahawks, which can be a tough matchup offensively, but they’ve given up big points to opponents before this season. It’s possible that this game ends up a shootout, and a shootout means a lot of chances for Bryant to hit a couple of field goals.

Mike Nugent

Nugent has only had 4 field goal attempts on the year, and has made 3 of them. However, he didn’t join the Patriots until week 5. Since then he’s made 12 of 13 extra points. The Patriots are an incredibly powerful offense, and Nugent is always going to be getting a lot of chances on extra points; he’s gotten 13 in just three games. The Patriots are playing the Browns this week, which is going to be a tougher-than-average defense compared to their schedule for the past 7 weeks. I’m expecting Nugent to get a couple of more chances at field goals, based on the assumption that the Browns will be able to hold the Patriots to a field goal more than, say, the Jets would.

Jason Myers

Myers comes in at 73% for field goal accuracy making 8 of his 11 attempts on the season. He’s also made 19 of his 20 extra point attempts. He’s been pretty reliable this year, and gets a lot of attempts at extra points. His team (the Seahawks) have a great matchup this week against a Falcons defense that has been quite week this season. The Seahawks are a powerful offense, and are looking like a definite playoff contender this year. With their powerful offense against the Falcons flailing defense Myers is going to get a ton of chances this week.

Chris Boswell

Boswell is another kicker with a 100% accuracy rating this year. He’s made 11 of 11 field goals, and 12 of 12 extra points. Despite this, he only has an ownership percentage of around 9%. I think this is due to the unreliable nature of the Steelers offense, which hasn’t been as productive this year. However, they’re playing the Dolphins this week. Clearly a great matchup. A kicker that’s been as accurate as Boswell against a defense that’s allowed 211 points to be scored on them this season (2nd most in the league). Boswell is a great add this week due to his accuracy and matchup, and he’s most likely available in your league.

Dan Bailey

Bailey is 8 of 10 on field goals for the year and 22 of 23 on extra points. The Vikings have shown up in the past couple of games, proving themselves as an elite offense. Bailey and the Vikings are going to be playing at home, which is a covered stadium. This means Bailey doesn’t have to content with wind, and will therefore be more accurate. The Vikings have a great matchup against the Redskins this week, a defense that’s been ranked near the bottom for the majority of the season. Bailey’s bound to get a lot of chances this week, and the covered home stadium means he’s more likely to nail those kicks.

Stephen Hauschka

Hauschka is 7 for 9 on the season for field goals and 12 for 12 on extra points. He’s been part of a Bills team that has been surprising a lot of people this year, with a 5 and 1 record. The Bills are playing the Eagles on Sunday, a defense that’s been disappointing for Eagles fans this season. I’m expecting Hauschka to get a lot of attempts this week as the Bills move through the Eagles defense.

Daniel Carlson

Carlson is 5 of 6 for field goals on the year and 16 of 16 for extra points. The Raiders are playing the Texans this week, at the Texans’ stadium. NRG Stadium is a closed stadium, so Carlson isn’t going to have to compete with the wind and will therefore be more accurate. The Texans have a pretty middling defense this year, and therefore Carlson is probably going to get more chances than he has been this season.

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