Week 9 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings (PPR): Lamar Jackson fails to meet expectations

Need help managing your fantasy team? Make sure to check out the fantasy football section to see rankings and projections updated weekly. Don’t forget to stop by the NFL section to check on matchup previews, injuries, statistics, and more for this NFL season. Last week, Patrick Mahomes topped the fantasy leaderboard with 36.74 fantasy points against the New York Jets, throwing for 416 yards and five touchdowns. However, after ranking him second before week eight, Lamar Jackson yet again disappointed his fantasy owners with 14.82 fantasy points against the Steelers. Here are the weekly fantasy football rankings for quarterbacks in week nine.

RankTierNameAverage Fantasy PointsWeek 9 Opponent
11Russell Wilson29.6@ Buffalo Bills
21Patrick Mahomes26.1vs. Carolina Panthers
31Kyler Murray28.1vs. Miami Dolphins
42Aaron Rodgers22.5@ San Francisco 49ers
52Justin Herbert25.2vs. Las Vegas Raiders
62Josh Allen22.6vs. Seattle Seahawks
73Deshaun Watson22.2@ Jacksonville Jaguars
83Tom Brady21.6vs. New Orleans Saints
94Derek Carr18.4@ Los Angeles Chargers
104Matthew Stafford18@ Minnesota Vikings

Tier One Quarterbacks

Russell Wilson recorded second on the fantasy leaderboard last week with 28.74 points against the 49ers. He leads the league in touchdowns by five touchdowns on Mahomes and consistently is needing to pass the ball with their allowing defense and injuries in the backfield. If injuries persist with their backfield, he will have to compete hard in the passing game to get a win over the Bills next week, giving him a great fantasy opportunity.

Patrick Mahomes topped the fantasy boards for the second time this season with 36.64 points. He is the second leading passes and the second leading touchdown passer. He has been on and off depending on the amount of effort he needs to put in for games, but he will certainly need to against the Panthers next week. They allow the seventh least fantasy points to quarterbacks but have produced the second least amount of sacks this season, giving Mahomes a great opportunity.

Kyler Murray has certainly not been given the credit he deserves on the weekly rankings. On top of his passing statistics, he is ranked fourth in rushing touchdowns, 14th in rushing yards, and first in yards per attempt. He is a stable horse to have for fantasy football and is currently the leader in total fantasy points with over 200 points halfway through the season. He will have a tough matchup in front of him against the Dolphins next week to give him loads of fantasy potential.

Tier Two Quarterbacks

Aaron Rodgers suffered a shocking loss to the Minnesota Vikings last week to make their record 5-2 on the year. He still managed to end up third in the fantasy stat books last week with 22.54 points on the week. That is right on with his average on the year, but he should exceed that against the 49ers next week, who have suffered a tremendous amount of injuries on the offensive end. Look for Rodgers to have another top-five finish next week.

Justin Herbert continues his reign of success in fantasy with a sixth-place finish in week eight for fantasy. After leading the league in fantasy points in week seven, he continues to impress his owners with a 25.76 fantasy point average, ranking 4th in the NFL. The Raiders this season have allowed the sixth-most fantasy points to quarterbacks, which looks well for Herbert to have another fantastic week. Plus, the Raiders offense will keep the game close to make Herbert work extra hard for a hopeful win.

Josh Allen is certainly not the fantasy quarterback we saw in the first four weeks of the season. He hasn’t had a game over 20 fantasy points in five weeks and needs to turn it around. It is tough having his rank in the top ten every week knowing he hasn’t been there in a while. However, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt against the Seattle Seahawks, who have given up the most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks this season. That, on top of the Bills’ desire to take a win off of the Seahawks, should spark a good fantasy week from Josh Allen.

Tier Three Quarterbacks

Deshaun Watson has turned on his game from his rocky start in the first four weeks. His last three games have been his highest-scoring fantasy performances of the season, with his highest 33 point game coming against the Titans in week six. He is averaging now 22.79 fantasy points, which is hard to believe ranks seventh amongst quarterbacks this season. He is quite the favorable matchup next week against the Jaguars to give him a chance for fantasy success coming off of a bye week last week.

Tom Brady fought off what would have been a shocking loss to the Giants on Monday night by two points. He ranked in the top ten again with a 19.06 point game, keeping his average at 22.16 points in tenth place. Next week should be a very interesting week for Brady and the Buccaneers, with the hopeful return of Chris Godwin and the NFL return of Antonio Brown from suspension and free agency. Brady should have plenty of open receivers in Sunday night’s game against division rival New Orleans Saints.

Tier Four Quarterbacks

Derek Carr has averaged a lower-end 18.4 fantasy points this season but has seen some good games that deserve top-ten fantasy credit. Last week he certainly struggled with only 112 yards and one touchdown against the Browns. But, it is hard to argue with one of the most efficient quarterbacks in the league with a 71.1% completion rate and 14:2 TD: INT ratio. He should see a good fantasy outing against the Chargers next week.

Matthew Stafford had a great statistical game last week against the tough Colts’ defense with 336 passing yards and three touchdowns. But, a fumble and an interception took away what could have been a top-three fantasy performance. Stafford has averaged only 18 points this year, but he should exceed that next week against division rival Minnesota Vikings.

Honorable Mentions

Ryan Tannehill has a great argument for making the top-ten list for week nine. He averages 22.63 fantasy points per week and is one of the better fantasy quarterbacks in the NFL. However, his past two weeks have been under 20 fantasy points, even against the Bengals last week. Moreover, the Titans face the Bears next Sunday, which will be a tough matchup for him. Considering the Bears’ lack of rush defense, Derrick Henry will most likely be leading this offense.

Lamar Jackson has been quite disappointing while having expectations to be one of the top fantasy quarterbacks this season. That doesn’t take away from the fact that he still averages 21.33 fantasy points per game this season. He did struggle last week with 14.82 points and four turnovers, but the Colts have been willing to allow quarterbacks to stuff the stat sheet and the Ravens need a win after last week. Lamar should be close to reaching the top ten in standings next week.

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