Week 9 Kicker Rankings: Fantasy Kickers Pickups & Streamers

The 2020 fantasy football season is quickly approaching which means it’s time to get a start on your research. We have you covered with our fantasy football rankings as well as projections for the upcoming season. If you are interested in the defensive side of the ball we have you covered there as well. Leave no stone unturned and check out everything we have to offer.

New matchups bring in new rankings for week 9. A lot of familiar faces on are on this list, but a lot have moved around it as well. Here are my rankings for the top 10 fantasy kickers coming into week 9.

Brett Maher

Maher is taking over Tucker’s usual residency at number 1 this week. Against the Eagles, Maher scored 13 of his team’s 37 points. He also set a new NFL record for most 60 plus yard field goals made, adding his 3rd to his career with a screaming 63 yarder. The Cowboys have a good matchup on Monday against the Giants. The Cowboys proved against the Eagles that they’re still an offense to be reckoned with, and I’m expecting a lot of points from them against a Giants defense that has allowed 218 points on the year.

Justin Tucker

Tucker is still 100% on the season. He’s hit 16 of his 16 field goal attempts, and 20 of his 20 extra point attempts. He’s an incredibly accurate kicker, and is a great kicker to rely on for your fantasy squad. He’s fallen to number 2 on this list, however. While the Ravens are a very incredible offense this year, they’re matched up against the Patriots. I believe they’re going to give the Patriots a run for their money, but the Patriots defense has been incredible this year. Even if the Ravens come out on top, I’m not expecting a ton of points from them, as the Patriots have looked like a wall on defense.

Matt Prater

Prater is 14 of 17 on field goals and 18 of 19 on extra points for the year. Prater gets a little over two field goal attempts per game, and makes two per game on average. The Lions are playing against the Raiders this week, who have been a pretty middling team on defense. With how the Lions offense has been playing, I think Prater is going to get a fair amount of chances on Sunday.

Robbie Gould

Robbie Gould hasn’t been the most accurate kicker this season. While he’s 22 for 22 on extra points, he’s only 13 of 20 on field goals. However, Gould is another kicker with a great matchup this week; a matchup great enough to put him at number 4. The 49ers have looked like a pretty unstoppable force on both offense and defense. They’re going up against the Cardinals this Sunday. The Cardinals defense hasn’t been the strongest this year, and an offensive power like the 49ers is going to be looking to tear them up.

Josh Lambo

Josh Lambo is one of five kickers with a 100% field goal completion rate on the season. He’s 21 for 21 on field goals and 12 of 13 on extra points. As you can see by the 21 field goal attempts, he gets a good amount of chances as well. He’s a great, reliable add to your fantasy team if he’s floating around in your league still. It’s most likely that he isn’t, however, as he’s clearly a reliable kicker and he gets a lot of chances.

Joey Slye

Joey Slye is 14 of 19 on the year for field goals and 17 for 18 on extra points. Slye’s team, the Panthers, had a tough game last week against the 49ers and only scored 13 points. However, they’ve been an offensive powerhouse this season, and they have a good matchup against the Titans. While Slye hasn’t been the most accurate on his field goal attempts, his position as the place kicker for a very powerful offense makes him a pretty attractive fantasy kicker, especially when you consider the matchup the Panthers have on Sunday.

Dan Bailey

Bailey is 12 of 14 for field goals and 23 for 24 on extra points this season. The Vikings had a couple of tough losses toward the beginning of the season that had some people questioning how good their offense really was, but the Vikings have really come into their own over these past couple weeks and are looking like a great team. The Vikings have a good matchup against Kansas City, who aren’t a very defensively strong team. I’m expecting Dan Bailey to get a lot of good chances on Sunday as his offense gets through the Kansas City defensive front. The only reason he isn’t higher on this list is because he doesn’t seem to get many field goal chances, with only 14 on the year, despite his offense’s strength.

Harrison Butker

Butker is on the other end of the Bailey Matchup. The Chiefs have been a great team this year, and despite some injuries have maintained a good looking 5-3 record. As long as the Chiefs remain their same high flying high scoring selves I’m going to keep Butker on this list. He’s 15 for 18 on field goal attempts and 25 of 26 on extra points. He’s a fairly accurate kicker, and he’s part of such a good offense that he’ll always be a good choice for your fantasy squad. He’s bound to get a lot of chances, and it’s likely that he’ll make them.

Jason Myers

Jason Myers is 10 for 13 on the year for field goals and 22 of 23 on the year for extra points. He has a pretty good matchup this week, as his team is taking on the Buccaneers. The Seahawks have been a great team this year, and even though they might not be able to run the ball against the fantastic Buccaneers rush defense, the Buccaneers secondary has been easier to throw against this year, allowing the 2nd most passing yards per average on the season with 285.9 per game. I’m expecting a big point performance from the Seahawks, which means a lot of chances for Myers.

Zane Gonzalez

Zane Gonzalez has gotten to kick a whopping 24 field goals this year, the most out of any kicker by 3. He gets an average of three attempts per game, the most in the league. He’s 21 for 24 on field goals, and 13 of 13 on extra points. Gonzalez gets a lot of chances and makes good use of them almost every time, making him a valuable fantasy add. He’s got a tough matchup against the 49ers, but I think the Cardinals offense is strong enough to get him some chances in this matchup regardless.

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