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New matchups this week means new kickers to look out for on waivers. With the Rams and the Saints on bye, you might be looking for a kicker to cover in the place of Zuerlein or Lutz. Here’s some suggestions for kickers that can give your team a boost for week 9.

NameTeamOpponentFAABOwn %
Josh JamboJaguarsTexans375.7%
Joey SlyePanthersTitans240.5%
Zane GonzalezCardinals49ers262.4%
Robbie Gould49ersCardinals388.6%
Chris BoswellSteelersColts326.9%
Steven HauschkaBillsRedskins16.7%
Brett MaherCowboysVikings136%
Matt PraterLionsRaiders280.5%
Adam VinatieriColtsSteelers118%
Mason CrosbyPackersChargers153.2%

Josh Lambo

Lambo is perfect on the year for field goals, with 21 for 21 on the season. He’s also 12 for 13 on extra points. As you can see, Lambo gets a ton of chances per game, an average of 2.63 to be exact. The Jaguars have a good matchup against against the Texans this week. While the Texans are one of the better teams in the league this year, they’ve allowed the 10th most points this season with 188. More points allowed means more chances for Lambo on Sunday, so this might be a good matchup for him.

Joey Slye

The Panthers had a rough week against the 49ers, only putting up 13 points. However, the 49ers are one of the best defenses in the league. The Panthers have a much easier matchup against the Titans this week, and their offense is looking to have a big comeback from their previous performance. Slye has only hit 14 of his 19 field goals this season, but has hit 17 of his 18 extra point attempts. He’s part of a high-powered offense that has a good matchup this week, so expect good things from him.

Zane Gonzalez

On average, Gonzalez gets 3 field goal chances per game. He’s 88% accurate, making 21 of the 24 chances he’s gotten, and nailing 13 of the 13 chances he’s gotten at extra points. The Cardinals have a tough matchup against a really strong 49ers offense. However, sometimes a tough defense can actually be a good thing for a kicker. The 49ers may be strong enough to hold the Cardinals from a touchdown on a lot of their drives, but if the Cardinals can get within range before they’re stopped, this means more chances for Gonzalez.

Robbie Gould

On the other end of the 49ers Cardinals matchup, Gould has a chance to get some big points this week. Unfortunately, Gould hasn’t been super accurate this season, hitting only 13 of his 20 field goal attempts this year. He’s 22 for 22 on extra points, however. The Cardinals defense has been lacking, and the 49ers offense is coming in hot off of a 51 point performance against the Panthers last week. Expect Gould to get a lot of points off of this matchup on Sunday.

Chris Boswell

Boswell had a good game on Monday night against the Dolphins, hitting 2 of his 3 field goals and scoring a total of 9 points for his team. The Steelers have a tougher matchup this week against the Colts, but with Rudolph back they’re now looking like a stronger offense. Boswell is quite accurate on the year with 13 of 14 field goals made, and 15 of 15 extra points. I think Boswell has the chance to rack up some solid points for your fantasy team this week and should definitely be considered as a potential waiver wire pickup.

Steven Hauschka

Hauschka had a tough game on Sunday, missing his only field goal attempt and scoring only one point for his team. He’s 7 of 10 on the year for field goals and 13 for 14 for extra points. The Bills have a good matchup against a Redskins defense that allows an average of 24.4 points per game. The Bills have been a good offense this year, and are looking to put up more than that average 24.4 points this upcoming Sunday. I think Hauschka has the potential to have a big game and should be considered if he’s in your league.

Brett Maher

Maher is 10 for 14 on the year for field goals, and 22 for 22 on extra points. In week 7 against the Eagles, Maher hit a 63 yard field goal, giving him the record for the most successful 60+ yard field goals. It was also his second 60+ yarder this season alone. The Cowboys proved that same week that they’re still an offensive force to be reckoned with, putting up 37 points against the Eagles, Maher being responsible for 13 of them. They’ve got an easier matchup this week against the Giants. The Giants have been especially weak against the run, so I’m expecting Elliot to get Maher in field goal range quite a bit over the course of this matchup.

Matt Prater

Speaking of records, Prater holds the record for longest field goal at 64 yards. This year, he’s 14 for 17 on field goals and 18 for 19 on extra points. While he hasn’t hit any 50+ yarders this season, he’s been consistent from 49 and under. The Lions have a harder matchup this week against a Raiders offense that’s been pretty middling, but the Lions have been a pretty good offense this year. Prater is looking at a good opportunity this week against the Raiders.

Adam Vinatieri

Vinatieri had a rough time at the beginning of the season, but has been doing better since he was thinking about retiring. He’s 11 for 15 on field goals and 13 for 17 on extra points. The Colts are playing the Steelers, who have been a pretty good defense this year. However, the Colts have been an offense that has surprised a lot of people this year. They’ve been a lot stronger than people expected, and I’m expecting them to give the Steelers defense a good fight on Sunday, which means Vinatieri is going to be getting some chances.

Mason Crosby

Mason Crosby has been nearly perfect on the year, hitting 11 of his 12 field goals and 26 of 26 extra points. He’s going up against the Chargers this week. While the Chargers haven’t been as great of an offensive power this season, their defense has been pretty strong. I don’t think the Packers are going to have a huge problem with them, however, as they’ve been looking like a force to be reckoned with this season. I’m expecting Crosby to have a fair amount of chances, and with his record this season, nail most (if not all) of those chances.

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