Wide Receiver Fantasy Busts for Week 13: DeAndre Hopkins Will Get Shutdown!?

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Even our star wide receivers that we drafted in the first round will bust from time to time. Players like OBJ, Davante Adams, Amari Cooper, Cooper Kupp, and others have all busted. An unfortunate part of the game of fantasy. Wide receivers can bust from a lot of different factors, weather, tough matchup, poor quarterback play, the list goes on. In this article you will find the wide receivers who are likely to bust in week 13. All statistics used in this article can be found at our website https://www.lineups.com/nfl.

DeAndre Hopkins (HOU) vs New England Patriots

It has been no secret that the New England Patriots have an incredible defense this season. Leading the league in interceptions with 20, tied for 2nd most fumbles, allowing the fewest points scored, and have allowed the fewest offensive yardage this season by over 300 yards. Allowing just 4 passing touchdowns all season long, the star of this defense is cornerback Stephon Gilmore. Gilmore has earned the status of being a shutdown corner in the NFL. Most recently holding star wide receiver Amari Cooper to a 0-catch game this past Sunday. Throughout this season when facing Gilmore, wide receivers have averaged just 5.05 fantasy points throughout this season. These wide receivers include Odell Beckham Jr., JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Amari Cooper to name a few. Gilmore has not allowed a fantasy wide receiver to score more than 10 fantasy points since week 1 against the Steelers. DeAndre Hopkins will have his toughest matchup of his season this week. Hopkins has struggled this season against tougher matchups like against the Jaguars and Chargers in the beginning of the season where he scored 6.5 and 9.7 fantasy points in 0.5 PPR formats. Both teams having top corners matchup against Hopkins created problems for the star receiver. Gilmore is the best of the best when matching up against wide receivers. In a must win situation for the first week of fantasy playoffs, you would be better off finding someone with a better matchup.

Keenan Allen (LAC) vs Denver Broncos

Keenan Allen has been a rollercoaster of production this season, unfortunately with more lows than highs. However, the lows that Allen experienced may be due simply to crumbling under a tough matchup. From weeks 4-9, Allen and the Chargers faced off against some of the toughest secondaries in the NFL. Including the Steelers, Bears, Packers, Titans, and Broncos. Unfortunately for Allen, he will have to face yet another tough matchup against Broncos. So far this season the Broncos have allowed the 5th fewest passing yards 6th lowest yards per completion, and the 10th lowest yards per completion. Not to mention a pass rush that will put pressure on Phillip Rivers who does not perform well under pressure. The last time Keenan Allen faced the Denver Broncos in week 5 he was held to 4 catches for 18 yards, totaling just 3.8 fantasy points. Keenan Allen will be best left on your bench in exchange for a wide receiver with a better matchup.

Amari Cooper (DAL) vs Buffalo Bills

As an Amari Cooper owner myself, nothing hurt more than seeing that 0 in my starting lineup last week. Despite having his worst performance of the season, Cooper is still one of the elite wide receivers in the NFL. It is worth noting the awful weather the Patriots and Cowboys had to endure during their matchup. The Cowboys are not used to dealing with the elements, playing at least half of their games inside a dome at home. It does not look to get much easier this week for the Cowboys, traveling again to the Northeast to face off against the Buffalo Bills. The Bills’ secondary is elite, allowing the 3rd fewest passing yards, 2nd fewest passing touchdowns, 3rd lowest yards per completion, and the 3rd lowest yards per attempt. Amari Cooper will most likely face off against Bills’ cornerback Tre’Davious White who is responsible for over half of the Bill’s interceptions with 4 (also tied for 2nd most in the NFL). White has allowed a passer rating of just 66.9 so far this season, 3rd best in the NFL. White is quietly turning into one of the top corners in the NFL and will give Amari Cooper a run for his money. He is best left on your bench this week.

Kenny Golladay (DET) vs Chicago Bears

Losing Matthew Stafford has been a huge hit to the Detroit Lions, especially their receivers. Kenny Golladay, currently ranked as the #11 wide receiver on the season, has been struggling as of late. Scoring just 12 total fantasy points in the past 2 weeks. With Stafford doubtful to make his return just yet, the Lions will have to face Chicago without Stafford again. Since Stafford’s exit in week 9, Golladay has seen less and less targets per game. So far this season, Chicago ranks as the 2nd best team against fantasy wide receivers. The last time the Lions faced the Bears, they held Golladay to just 3 catches on 9 targets for 57 yards and scoring a garbage time touchdown with the game already out of reach. Golladay has struggled and will continue to struggle without Matthew Stafford against a tough Bears’ secondary. He is best left on the bench this week.

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