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54-108, 5th in AL East

BAL 4 @ BOS 5


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Can Baltimore Improve From Last Season?

Baltimore was one of the worst teams in baseball last season, going 47-115. They finished 61 games back from the first place Boston Red Sox, which of course makes it look worse than what it actually was. Baltimore isn’t a spending team, and they only have a few above average players left from their playoff run teams. They lost their best player in Manny Machado last season, and lack a star to build around. The farm system is also not that enticing, so this is going to be a long rebuild process. Playing in the toughest division in baseball, there are no easy days for the Orioles. The Red Sox and Yankees should be back in the postseason, and the Rays were a 90 win team last season. Toronto is also in a far better spot. The pitching staff and bullpen lack a true ace and dominant arms, which will make it tough for them to compete. Their strikeout prone offense is also going to be among the bottom ten in baseball when all is said and done. Say they do have a couple of players playing well, they could look to move them as they continue to retool. To sum things up, Baltimore may win more than 47 games, but it won’t be by much, it is going to be another tough year in Baltimore.

Are There Any Prospects To Get Excited About?

Generally when a team is this bad we want to look at the prospects to see if there is any youth that can get us excited for the future. It will be a long rebuild process for the Orioles, and right now their number one prospect is Yusniel Diaz, who came over in the Manny Machado deal with Los Angeles. Diaz is a steady contact bat, but lacks power for extra base hits due to a flat swing. Baltimore will likely look to tweak his swing a bit to try and unlock some more potential. He is an average runner, and plays an above average defense. He is likely to come in late 2019. Ryan Mountcastle was drafted 36th overall back in 2015, and Baltimore is counting on his power to come through. He had a .297/.341/.464 slashing line in Double-A last season, but Baltimore is estimating time for him to come around 2020. Either way there is no electric arm .

Will Baltimore Sell Off Anymore Players?

There are not a players on Baltimore’s roster that teams will come calling about, but Jonathan Villar and Mark Trumbo have some good seasons, the Orioles might be looking to see what they can get for them. The same can be said about Dylan Bundy and Alex Cobb. They were sellers last season, and they would be wise to get something for what is left of their roster. The Orioles are desperate for young talent, and letting any aging player or player not in their future plans would be a mistake.