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Are The Angels Headed For Another Mediocre Season?

Los Angeles has been surpassed by Houston in their own division, and despite having the best player in baseball. They have had one playoff appearance in the last ten seasons, where they were swept against the Royals. They have not won more than 80 games in three straight seasons, and time is running out on a lot of these names. They have made some older signings, which continue to get older. The staff lacks a true ace, and the offense has been league average the last few seasons. With the A’s and Mariners also still being very competitive in the division, it limits their chances of trying to catch the front-running Houston Astros. The Angels are projected for around 84-85 wins, which would put them second in the division, but that could flip with Oakland. They are also not projected to be heavy Wild Card favorites, but that would be where they’d fit into the postseason picture.

Can Recent Signings Finally Pay Off?

The Angels made a massive deal for Albert Pujols back in 2012, and the days of prime Pujols are long gone. While still keeping him in the lineup, they have added some names around him. Justin Upton and Zack Cozart are respectable names, but Upton has been very up and down, while Cozart played just 58 games after a breakout season. Both names are on the other side of 30, trying to round out the second half of their career. This offseason they added Jonathan Lucroy and Justin Bour, both should help out their lineup, but once again they aren’t going to shift things in a massive direction to being an elite offense. They also added Trevor Cahill and Matt Harvey to the rotation. Cahill is an interesting name, and Harvey flashed some of his old self during his Cincinnati stint. Los Angeles is not a bad place for either of them, and could round out what could be a pretty solid rotation.

What Is The Scoop On Ohtani’s Injury Situation?

Shohei Ohtani had Tommy John surgery after the season, and his UCL was in trouble about halfway through his rookie campaign. Ohtani is not going to be pitching in 2019, but the team plans on him serving as the DH. It is still unclear the amount of playing time he will have even as a DH, but we would be wise to expect some sort of limit on him. Ohtani has some projections floating around going over 400 PA, which is a definite ceiling projection. If there is any general soreness, the Angels might be quick to shut him down. He should still have a ton of value for fantasy, and with the Angels. He adds a different dynamic to their lineup, and was a power bat they needed from the left side of the plate. We will need to keep tabs closer to Spring Training, where we can have more information on Ohtani.