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What Young Bats Are There To Get Excited About?

Finding something positive to say about the Marlins can be tough these days, and we are now a year removed from the massive selloff that they had trading away their star players. Somehow they have one of the worst farm systems in the league. J.T. Realmuto is their best offensive player, but surely they will be looking to move him sooner or later. Brian Anderson was a name that popped up last season. He had a 113 wRC+, and hit very well, especially against left-handed pitching. Anderson was 25 last season, and played 156 games. It was nice to see some stability in the lineup, and he will likely remain atop of the lineup. Anderson isn’t a big power hitter, but a sub 20% strikeout rate is something positive. After Anderson there is a real problem. The prospects in return have not developed yet, and we are mainly looking at Starlin Castro, who isn’t necessarily a young bat to talk about given he has been in the league for a while. With Justin Bour gone, there isn’t much power, and we would be extremely surprised to see someone hit over 20 HR for this team.

Why Are There No Top Prospects?

How does a team trade Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yelich, and Marcell Ozuna in the same offseason not have a single top 100 prospect? This rebuild is already off to a horrendous start, and the highlight return of Lewis Brinson is not an elite prospect right now, nor has he shown much to get excited about in the majors. The rotation is also dealing with names that are just happy to be collecting a paycheck somewhere because other teams wouldn’t sign them. The Marlins are in big trouble, and questions need to be asked in the front office. There is a chance they get some prospects in return for Realmuto, but will they be cracking the top 100. It is hard to say yes given the other three names didn’t land major prospects.

Will J.T. Realmuto Be In A Marlins Uniform This Season?

The Marlins have been shopping J.T. Realmuto over the offseason, as their 28-year-old catcher does not want to rot away in Miami for the next few seasons. Miami has been asking a high return, and teams seem hesitant to send a high return for a catcher that is at this age. Realmuto is a quality bad, and despite playing on a bad offense this past season, he hit 21 HR and had a 4.8 WAR. Realmuto is definitely an upgrade for most teams behind the dish, but at what cost. The market seems to be shrinking for him, but Miami might be lowering their asking price if this lingers on any longer. We shouldn’t expect to see Realmuto with Miami this season, although at the least maybe he begins and makes it till the all-star break before a team snags him.