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Can Buster Posey Stay Healthy?

Buster Posey played 105 games, but even in those 105 games he was not at 100%. Posey hit just five home runs, and drove in 41 runs. His hard-contact was up, so all the peripheral stats and batted ball stats are still there. Bruce Bochy has already stated that Posey is 100% heading into the season, and believes we will see the Posey of old. The Giants are in dire need of offense, given they are missing quality bats. This is a different era of baseball from when they won their world series, as the pitching staff isn’t the same, and the National League is much stronger offensively. Hitting in a tough ballpark also downgrades most power, so we shouldn’t expect Posey to hit 20 HR or anything like that, but an upgrade in slugging should be. If names around him can produce, then we are looking pretty good for Posey to return with stronger stats across the board.

If The Giants Trade Bumgarner, Are They Mailing It In?

Madison Bumgarner is the bright spot of the rotation, but as the Giants look to turn a new leaf, will they ship him out of San Francisco? This would leave their rotation a bit capped without him, and this might send a message to fans and players that the Giants are now in rebuild mode. They have one of the worst farm systems in baseball, and have for quite some time now. Adding in some prospects would be a start for the future of the Giants, unless they are going to move towards spending instead of developing. They have been a hesitant front office in that department, so it will be interesting to see what they do for the future. Bumgarner would bring a team a workhorse starter, even though he has missed time with varying injuries the last season and a half.

Who Can Breakout Offensively?

The Giants are in a weird spot as they have a lot of older players who lack power and speed, but they also play in one of the worst hitting divisions in terms of park factors. They don’t have a lot of youthful players, so a prospect on the lookout isn’t there. Evan Longoria was surprising at times, but he isn’t a new name and he isn’t producing prime numbers like he was before. Brandon Belt can never stay healthy, and power is something that he showcases when he is healthy, but it is hard to expect it. The answer here is nobody, as we find middling aged bats and younger players that are not in long term plans for San Francisco. Unless they start trading off their older talent for youthful bats, we are stuck with the same old faces in SF and that isn’t necessarily a good thing.