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Top Rays News Stories of 2022

What Are Reasonable Expectations For Blake Snell?

Blake Snell won 21 games last season, and ended up being the Cy Young winner for the American League. Expectations might be high for a 20 game winner and someone who had below a two ERA. Snell made a massive jump from his 2017 stats, and better control helped him. While he had some luck on his side as well, you don’t post these types of numbers without a little luck. Snell is a very intriguing name heading into the new season, and we have to temper our expectations for following it up. An ERA around three seems to be a better estimate for Snell this season, but 200+ strikeouts is certainly doable. He will have the advantage of pitching in a good pitchers park, and he was tremendous against Boston and New York last season. Snell’s recent form is going to tick up his fantasy ADP as well, so check out come similar projected arms for much lower, they are there.

Who Are The New Faces On The Rays?

The Rays moved on from a few names, and also we still need to revisit the names they pulled in last year after their trade with the Pirates. Austin Meadows will get a full year as an everyday outfielder, and a 15-15 season isn’t out of the question for him. Tommy Pham was banged up for most of his time in Tampa, and a truly healthy Pham is a great addition to a team that needs some power and speed. Yandy Diaz was an underrated move this offseason, who showed solid potential with Cleveland in a limited sample size. The addition of Charlie Morton is an excellent one, and he should find similar success to what he found in Houston. The Rays will be a competitive bunch again, even with some changes.

Can The Rays Recreate Their 90-Win Season?

With New York and Boston in the division not many were thinking the Rays would win 90 games and push other American League teams in the Wild Card till the end of the season. Out of all the surprising teams to win 90 games, the Rays stand the best chance of doing so again. Even in a division with New York and Boston, they held their own. Let’s not forget they also get to play Toronto and Baltimore, who are far worse than the Rays heading into the new season. With a good pitching staff, and a bullpen that can be used similar to Milwaukee, they are going to hold opposing offenses. Tyler Glasnow is an interesting piece where if he puts it all together, they could end up as one of the best rotations to look out for in the future.