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Top Rangers News Stories of 2022

Are We Looking At The Worst Rotation In Baseball?

Texas made some very surprising moves, but also needed to fill in rotation spots. The arms they signed are questionable at best, and pitching in Texas is not ideal for these names. Lance Lynn flashed some potential at times last season, but overall was an unreliable arm. Putting him in Texas is not going to be ideal, and also squaring off against left-handed hitters has been Lynn’s weakness. Lynn is projected for a low four ERA, which is a bit generous, but could easily go up near five this season. Shelby Miller was the other addition, and he is projected for a 1.42 WHIP, with very little potential. Miller was shelled in Arizona, and is also coming off a significant injury. Yohander Mendez and Eddie Butler are both names projected for over a five ERA, and this is not an ideal starting five heading into the year. Mike Minor is their best starter, which isn’t a knock on him. Minor is also a name that might be shipped out because he could be more useful somewhere else other than Texas. The Rangers are in the running for the worst rotation in baseball, a year after finishing with the third highest team ERA.

What Does Willie Calhoun In Year 3 Look Like?

Willie Calhoun has played about 50 games over the last two seasons, as the outfielder tries to crack an everyday job heading into the season. He is considered a top 100 prospect, yet the shine is wearing off a bit. In 2016 and 2017 he hit 50 combined homers down in the minors, and boasted a low strikeout bat. He isn’t considered a power hitter at 5’8, but there is some potential for him here as an above average power hitter, especially in this ballpark. We will have to see if Texas forks over a larger role for Calhoun, because they have options in front of him. A trade of some sort would open the door for Calhoun to get more playing time.

Where Does The Texas Farm System Stack Up?

With a team struggling, we want to dive into the farm system to track their progress for the future. The Rangers have some prospects to get excited about, but 2019 doesn’t seem to be the launching pad for their career. Leody Taveras is an outfielder who has some good speed and extra base hit ability, and is the highest rated prospect for the Rangers right now. He has an ETA of 2020. Julio Pablo Martinez is in the same boat and isn’t far behind. He compares to a Willie Calhoun given his size and power ability. Cole Winn is a young pitcher that has some years in the minor leagues to go first, but has potential to be a front end starter for the Rangers, which they desperately need.