NBA Player Stats 2019

Whether you are figuring out your favorite player’s stats to debate with your friend or you are researching for fantasy purposes, we have everything covered for you. We give you three different ways to view seasonal stats; Per 36 Minutes, Per 100 Possessions, and Per Game. For those who don’t know what Per 36 Minute stats are, it means that stats are calculated as if they played 36 minutes per game. Per 100 Possessions is similar to Per 36, just measuring in possessions over minutes. You can also break that down to last ten games, last 30 games, and seasonal numbers. This will give you an in-depth look at recent performances compared to overall season numbers. If a player is playing 22 minutes a game then jumps to 35, you can get an indicator in future production, but remember usage and efficiency does not always stay the same. Usage rate is one of the best measuring tools of a player’s role in an offense. Guys like James Harden and Russell Westbrook are always leading the way in this department being the playmakers within their offenses. High usage players generally means more fantasy production because of all the opportunities they have.