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Top Minnesota Timberwolves News Stories in 2019

Will Jimmy Butler Buy In To Minnesota?

Jimmy Butler has demanded a trade, and has also given his list of desired destinations. This team has been spiraling out of control, and Butler has had issues with the younger names on this roster. Butler is a grinder, and has developed into one of the league’s best two-way stars. There were rumors of Butler going to Miami, which would give them a star, but overall Butler looks to at least be staying put in the meantime. This leaves a lot of question marks for the start of the season. With the Western Conference being loaded, you don’t need any problems.

Where Is The Bench?

Not that Tom Thidobeau uses his bench that often, but this bench is not that appealing heading into the season. They do have a versatile big with Gorgui Dieng being able to play the four and five. They have Tyus Jones, but Derrick Rose currently is ahead of him on the depth chart. Minnesota’s depth has never been all that strong, and adding guys like Rose and Luol Deng are just overall odd moves, unless you look at who is at the helm for coaching. Thibs will continue to overwork the starters, which come the end of the season that can be a problem with fatigue.

Has The Tom Thidodeau Shine Worn Off?

Tom Thibodeau was booed in his first preseason game, and has been the subject of the media with all the drama going on. He is going into his third year, and has won 31 and 47 games in his first two seasons. If Minnesota has an underperforming year, will Minnesota fire Thibs? There is certainly a possibility, especially with the Wolves looking to keep a core for the future. There has been turmoil inside the locker room, which is going to be put on Thibs plate for this season. This will be a fun story to watch, well if you are not a Wolves fan.

Can Minnesota Make Any Noise In The West?

The Western Conference is loaded, and the conference got that much tougher with LeBron James joining the Lakers. The Timberwolves got into the playoffs on the final day, with a play-in game against the Denver Nuggets. They have the talent to compete, but unfortunately so many teams can say the same. With Dallas and Los Angeles getting better, it will make things tougher on the Wolves. They also have one of the tougher divisions with Portland, Oklahoma City, Utah, and Denver all rounding out the Northwest Division. It will be tough for Minnesota to produce another appearance, but it is possible.

Will Chemistry Be An Issue All Season?

Chemistry was a problem at times last year, and you really saw the tension in the playoffs and now into the offseason. We haven’t exactly gotten to the bottom of it, but it is definitely between Jimmy Butler and the younger guys. Andrew Wiggins has not exactly been a favorite, while Towns and Butler have had some verbal jabs back and forth. Minnesota is in a tough spot, with Butler wanting to leave. They would not be a playoff team sending Butler away, unless they got an immediate starter in return. They still have Jeff Teague, but he has been trending downwards the past few years.