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Top Sacramento Kings News Stories in 2019

Who Is More Long Term, De’Aaron Fox Or Buddy Hield?

The Kings are not necessarily forced to keep one over the other, but can they coexist together? Fox is a more driven point guard who can bring some athleticism, while Buddy Hield is a streaky shooter. This makes things pretty interesting, and Hield has said he wants to be more of a playmaker. The longevity of Kings guards has been nonexistent and it is hard to even say if they will keep either long term. Fox is about four years younger than Hield if that makes any difference, and having a point guard is more of a necessity for the Kings right now.

Can Willie Cauley-Stein Keep Adding To His Game?

Last year was the first for Willie Cauley-Stein where he drew over 25 minutes per game. He also had a career high 12 points per game, and averaged two total combined steals and blocks per game. Cauley-Stein is still just 25, and a product of the University of Kentucky. He doesn’t have much competition, but he is reaching a point where the Kings will decide on him for the future. His overall offensive game wasn’t a strong point anyway, but he will need to keep trending up on both sides. His rebounding is questionable given the length and size he has.

Is Marvin Bagley The Future Of Sacramento?

Marvin Bagley was drafted second overall by the Kings in this past draft, and you have to say being drafted by the Kings in the last decade has been crushing for NBA dreams. Bagley seems to have some hype coming in with him, and could be the guy to change the culture in Sacramento. They desperately need a focal point to give the fans and even ownership a sense of process for the rebuild. This has been a group that swung and miss on numerous picks over recent years, and it shows in the confidence after each draft pick of late.

Will Sacramento Be A More Competitive Bunch?

The Kings run into a lot of blowout games, and with the Western Conference being as strong as it is, it is easy to understand why. The morale of the Kings can’t be too high at any point, but blowout losses are death to a ball club. If the Kings can keep some games close and even steal a few games from above average opponents, this will breathe some life into this club for this season and moving forward. They have a lot of fun young players and some decent depth. There is a chance they can compete on some nights, which would be nice to see.

Do The Kings Have Too Many Options?

Looking over the Kings roster, they have a lot of youth. Most of them are former draft picks, or picks from other teams that didn’t quite pan out. This leaves the Kings with a lot of ways to go for the future, and each position outside of Marvin Bagley’s, they have two or even three guys they can run with for the future. This could certainly be a good thing for some teams, but for a team that has made a lot of bad decisions, it could lead to more mistakes being made with roster decisions. Let us hope for the right ones this time.