NFL Odds Week 13

The NFL heads into Week 13, and COVID-19 could not be a bigger issue with the final month of the season looming. Multiple teams are suffering coronavirus outbreaks with the possibility that the 49ers might not play in San Francisco the remainder of the season. The Denver Broncos had to play a game without a quarterback, and Tuesday night, NFL football is back this week! The season is getting crazy, and anything is possible at this point. Here are your Week 13 NFL odds.

The NFL heads into Week 13, and COVID-19 could not be a bigger issue with the final month of the season looming. Multiple teams are suffering coronavirus outbreaks with the possibility that the 49ers might not play in San Francisco the remainder of the season. The Denver Broncos had to play a game without a quarterback, and Tuesday night, NFL football is back this week! The season is getting crazy, and anything is possible at this point. Here are your Week 13 NFL odds.

Week 13 NFL Odds Breakdown

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears

Sunday December 6, 1:00 PM ET The Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears will be competing to stay out of the last place in the NFC North on Sunday. Chicago had a dramatic come from behind victory in Week 1 against the Lions, and this Sunday could be different. The Bears have lost five games in a row and now sit at 5-6 on the season with the Lions one game behind them. Chicago looked to have quit on Sunday night against rival Green Bay, so this season could take a dramatic nose dive if players don't have the desire to show up each week. Detroit will look to even the season series on the road this Sunday.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Minnesota Vikings

Sunday December 6, 1:00 PM ET The Jacksonville Jaguars and Minnesota Vikings square off this Sunday. The Jaguars continue to struggle as they have now lost 10 games in a row and fell to Cleveland on Sunday 27-25. Minnesota has finally found a groove after starting the season 1-5. They have now won four of their last five games and are 5-6 on the season and looking for a possible playoff spot if they can keep winning. The Vikings are now one game behind a playoff spot and will most likely need to win three of their last five games if they want a postseason shot.

Cleveland Browns @ Tennessee Titans

Sunday December 6, 1:00 PM ET Only during a time where the world is turned on its head is when the Cleveland Browns have a chance to make the postseason for the first time since 2002. The Browns are now 8-3 on the year after knocking off Jacksonville on Sunday but will step up in class against the Titans this week. Tennessee is coming off a huge win over the Indianapolis Colts and will also be looking to build momentum down the final stretch in 2020. Both teams are 8-3, and every win matters this time of year, especially how tight the AFC playoff race is. This Sunday's matchup in Tennessee should be fun.

Las Vegas Raiders @ New York Jets

Sunday December 6, 1:00 PM ET Hopefully, the Las Vegas Raiders can stop the bleeding this week as they take on the New York Jets. The Raiders looked terrible in Atlanta, having one of the worst performances of the season and at arguably the worst time of the year. With that loss, they are now on the outside looking in for the playoff picture. Fortunately, New York has yet to win a game in 2020, and Las Vegas should be able to bounce back this week before taking on the Colts, Chargers, Dolphins, and Broncos to finish off the season.

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

Sunday December 6, 1:00 PM ET The Saints and Falcons had no issues this week against their respective opponents. New Orleans traveled to Denver to take on a quarterback-less Broncos teams and won 31-3. For Atlants, they were host to Las Vegas this week and had no issues in a 43-6 rout over the Raiders. Now, a divisional matchup between the two should be interesting this week. The Falcons have won four of their last six after starting the season 0-5. The Falcons have been known to start the year off really slow, only to finish the year strong. They could surprise New Orleans in the Superdome this week and pull off another victory.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Miami Dolphins

Sunday December 6, 1:00 PM ET Cincinnati heads to Miami this week to take on the Dolphins. A few weeks ago, this might have been a must-watch game with rookie quarterbacks Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa squaring off against one another. Burrow and Tagovailoa faced off against each twice in college, splitting the matchups. However, with Burrow out for the season with a brutal knee injury, the Dolphins will most likely roll in this matchup on Sunday. Miami is looking to earn a playoff spot this season and will not look back if they get up early. All the Bengals can do is hope for a high draft pick to help build a new young core.

Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans

Sunday December 6, 1:00 PM ET An AFC South showdown is taking place in Houston between the Texans and the Indianapolis Colts. Although the Texans sit at 4-7 this season, they have won two games in a row now and should make it a competitive game for the 7-4 Indianapolis Colts. Indy is coming off a tough loss against the Titans and is now in second place in the AFC South standings. A win on Sunday would help this team stay on-par with Tennessee in hopes of potentially winning the division.

Washington Football Teams @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Sunday December 6, 1:00 PM ET Washington and Pittsburgh square off this Sunday in a game that could be more interesting than people think. The Football Team came away with a huge Thanksgiving win over the Dallas Cowboys this past week and are now tied with the Giants for first place in the NFC East. The Steelers were put in a tough spot this week with them and the Ravens having COVID outbreaks on the roster. The game was originally scheduled for Thanksgiving but was pushed back to Tuesday in hopes of being able to play this week. They will be on a short week having to play Washington, who is still competing for first place in its division. If the Steelers aren't careful, Washington could keep this a low scoring matchup and handing Pittsburgh its first loss of the season.

Los Angeles Rams @ Arizona Cardinals

Sunday December 6, 4:05 PM ET The Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals are coming off Week 12 losses and will look to change things this Sunday. This is arguably the biggest matchup of the week with the spot both teams are in. The Rams and Cardinals are competing for playoff spots and first place in the NFC West with the Seahawks. However, a few losses have set the teams back, making this divisional game that much bigger this week. If the Seahawks win on Monday night, that gives Seattle one a game cushion over the Rams and a two-game lead over the Cardinals. On Sunday, all that matters is getting a win no matter how it's done. That will help either team stay on the right side of the playoff picture.

New York Giants @ Seattle Seahawks

Sunday December 6, 4:05 PM ET New York heads across the country to Seattle this week for a matchup between two first-place teams. Yes, the Giants are 4-7 and in first place in the NFC East. Although the records are much different, these two are in a huge battle to remain first in their respective divisions. Seattle is the better team, but until they can get their defense right, any team will hang around any game if the Seahawks lets them. Of course, Russell Wilson led at home changes things, but don't think New York is going into Seattle to rollover. The Giants are playing for something this Sunday.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Green Bay Packers

Sunday December 6, 4:25 PM ET Philadelphia and Green Bay square off Sunday afternoon at Lambeau Field. The Eagles have not been able to get things together, despite competing for the NFC East divisional title. Green Bay, however, is now in the driver's seat of the NFC North after knocking off rival Chicago on Sunday night. A win on Sunday with a Minnesota loss will basically give the Packers the NFC North title for the seventh time in 10 years. When you have Aaron Rodgers as your quarterback, anything is possible. However, the Eagles will do everything possible by keeping their playoff hopes alive against the Packers this Sunday.

New England Patriots @ Los Angeles Chargers

Sunday December 6, 4:25 PM ET The New England Patriots still hang on by a thread to keep their playoff hopes alive after a huge win over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. This week, they head out to L.A. to take on a Chargers team that cannot win close games to save their life. This gives New England a huge edge to get to 6-6 on the season, a potentially one spot closer to making the playoffs. However, the New England defense has been bad this season, and Justin Herbert is good enough to carve up the Patriots even with head coach Anthony Lynn continuously holding back this Chargers team.

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs

Sunday December 6, 8:20 PM ET The Sunday night matchup will be between the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs. Let's all hope a Broncos quarterback will be available this Sunday, as Denver had to start wide receive Kendall Hinton at quarterback. The Broncos lost 31-3 this past week, and the game could be just as bad this Sunday if Hinton has to start again. Kansas City is coming off a win against Tampa Bay and will have no issues moving the football again this week and stopping a practice squad receiver at quarterback. The situation sucks, and let's hope things can get back to normal for Denver and its COVID situation.

Buffalo Bills @ San Francisco 49ers

Monday December 7, 8:15 PM ET Buffalo and San Francisco square off in the Monday night matchup this week. Both teams are coming off great wins and will be looking to string more together as the teams fight for playoff spots. The Bills currently have the lead in the AFC East and could win the division for the first time in 25 years. The 49ers are 5-6 and are fighting for a playoff spot with multiple injuries to its roster. However, a win on Monday night puts them in the playoff hunt, giving them an outside shot at playing in January. The Bills have been playing great football in recent and will look to continue that success, while the Niners are in a tough situation and potentially unable to finish its season playing in San Francisco.