NFL Super Bowl Team Totals

Super Bowl team totals are where sportsbooks set a point total for each team and you can wager on the over under. This year it is a Rams-Bengals Super Bowl, where the Rams are favored. The Rams team total is coming in at 26.5, which is taken from the overall over/under and the spread. The Bengals team total is five points less, sitting at 21.5. Oddsmakers expect points but not necessarily a shootout. Keep tabs on each team's Super Bowl team total here.

One of the coolest innovations in the sports betting industry was the addition of the over/under bet. Sometimes referred to as a totals bet, the over/under bet is one that gives you a ton of added betting flexibility by letting you bet on the flow of the game independent from the actual game outcome.

The simplicity of the bet makes it attractive to beginners, but don't let that fool you. Seasoned veterans of the sports betting world utilize this bet every single day as a part of their winning strategy.

Sportsbook went a step further and added team totals into the mix. This allowed bettors to bet on how many points an individual team will score instead of the game. Team totals have also become a staple in Super Bowl betting.

When the stage is the brightest, teams begin to play differently. On top of a neutral site betting team totals in the Super Bowl make it a bit different than betting them any given Sunday. Bettors need to take in different considerations when betting these totals.

Super Bowl Team Totals

What are they?

NFL team totals are merely betting on the number of points a team will score in an NFL game. Team totals betting include regulation and any overtime scoring. Essentially, it is an over/under or totals market, but the difference is that you're only betting on the scoring output of a single team.

Bettors have two options when placing a team total bet, which is either over the team total or under. The only factor that we need to consider when it comes to winning our bet is how many points this specific NFL team will score. The team does have an opponent, but that does not matter for a specific team.

How to read them?

Let's say we think the Baltimore Ravens will score 28 points in a game, and the team total sits at 27.5 points. Should they score 28 points or more, then our wager would be graded as a winner. If they score 27 points or less, then the bet would be graded as a loser.

Now, let's say we think the Ravens will score under 27.5 points, and decide to be the under. If they score 27 points or less, the bet will be graded as a win. If they score 28 points or more, then the wager is graded as a loss. Team totals are straightforward and easy bets to understand, as well as place. We can move on to calculating our team totals from the online sportsbooks lines.

How Super Bowl Team Totals Odds Are Calculated

We can calculate the team totals for each NFL team using the Super Bowl point spread and total. There is a simple formula that can be used to calculate a Super Bowl team totals wager. You need to use it twice to get the team total for each team in the game.

Here is the formula to calculate team totals: (Total / 2) – (Sread / 2) = Team total points

Now that you understand the basic formula of calculating team totals let's look it an example of a Super Bowl team total.

Super Bowl LIV: San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs
- Chiefs -1.5
- 49ers +1.5
Game Total 54.5

How to calculate the team total:

First, let’s calculate the Chiefs team total:
(54.5 / 2) – (-1.5 / 2) = 28 Points

If we use the formula above to find the team total, we get 28 points for the Chiefs. Remember, since Kansas City is the favorite, we input their value as a negative. This is the way you calculate favorites or if the game should happen to be a pick 'em with no favorite.

Now, let’s calculate the 49ers team total: (54.5 / 2) – (+1.5 / 2) = 26.5 Points

Again, feel free to plug that into the calculator and look for the same result above. Notice we have the 1.5, but since the 49ers are underdogs, they will have a positive number. This is important to remember when calculating the team total using the above formula.

Now, we add the 28 and 24.5 together, and we end up with 54.5 points. The oddsmakers total points. Congrats, you've just learned how to calculate NFL team totals!

Looking for Value in Super Bowl Team Totals

In most cases, bettors are not using NFL team totals wagers or thinking about them for the Super Bowl. Some may not even realize these markets exist. However, they can be a source of profitability and another way to wager on the Super Bowl. There are a few strategies to have a profitable Super Bowl.

First, look for the Super Bowl team totals that are off. Team totals are derivative markets, which means they are derived from another number. In this case, that means they are derived from the side and total of the Super Bowl. Team totals should be almost the same as the above calculation.

This is especially true if you're using odds from one of the sharper sportsbooks online, such as or Pinnacle Sports. So, if you do the above calculation and see the team totals markets that are considerably different, then this may be a betting opportunity.

For the Super Bowl, there is probably less of a chance for a sportsbook to allow for a gap to happen in the team total and the spread/total. However, the sharper sportsbooks could have this inefficiency.

You may also believe that the team total is not correct, and the team should be projected to score more points. This can be based on several different factors, but the main point is that you believe that you have an edge with the current number.

Team totals give you another betting option for the Super Bowl. If you have already maxed out a bet on a team when it comes to the point spread; or other markets, like a team's moneylines. Betting the team total for that Super Bowl could be another way if to get action if you feel confident in the side you chose.

Say you've bet the max on the Super Bowl point spread and total, but still want to get more action in a spot you like. You can always bet on their team total. Of course, it's not the same as betting money on the point spread or wagering on the over or under. That is something to keep in mind.

Also, do not parlay team totals in the Super Bowl. One rule you should know is that parlaying the over, point spread, and other bets with team totals are not allowed at online sportsbooks. The parlays are correlated and offer a massive advantage to bettors. However, nothing is stopping from you betting each of these wagers individually.

However, in the Super Bowl, it can be a dangerous move depending on how to lean during the game. Unless you are confident, one side will hit over another, then parlaying team totals should be avoided and betting the total straight up.

Bettors are always looking to get in on the action for the Super Bowl. However, the most experienced bettors are not going just to bet a side or a total in a game to get in on the action. They look for a true edge to profit on the last football game of the year.

The Super Bowl point spread numbers sometimes are not ideal to bet on, and the same can be said for totals. If you miss a big move on a number and the value is gone, there may still be value in the team total. Instead of betting the point spread or total, wagering on Super Bowl team totals is a choice that may bettors overlook.

There are many reasons to bet the team total in the Super Bowl instead of the game total or point spread. The only major issue you will have betting team totals is that betting limits are a lot lower than sides and totals. You can bet 1/3 or less on teams totals compared to point spread wagering.

Handicapping Super Bowl Team Totals

Handicapping Super Bowl team totals is important when finding an edge on either side. With an extra week to prepare, bettors can find any possible edge on a team total in the game. The obvious is comparing a team's offense vs. the opponents' defense. Sometimes the edge is obvious, and a bettor could fire on a team total that way.

Also, understanding the game is on a neutral field, and home-field advantage will not play a factor in the game. However, if the Super Bowl is outdoors, then the weather can be a factor. Wind or precipitation could play a factor in a team's total. If a pass-heavy team ahs to throw in the wind, then there is a chance the team total can go under.

Understanding individual matchups is also important. Almost anything can happen in the Super Bowl, and paying attention to things like special teams could play a factor in team totals. Good return teams can give offenses better field position each possession.

A bettor should go through their normal handicapping process before laying a bet on a team total. The Super Bowl is where teams shine the brightest, and it is important to understand how each team will play in the biggest game.

Super Bowl Team Totals FAQ

What is a team total?

A team total is an over/under bet on how many points a specific team will score in a game. Team totals can be a profitable bet if you believe there is not enough value on the spread or total for the game. Super Bowl team totals can be a fun way to get in on the action.

Can I calculate a team total?

A simple calculation using the point spread and total can be used to calculate team totals. Simply take the total and divide it by two. Then, take a team's point spread and divide that by two as well. Subtract the two numbers, and you'll have a team total.

Are Super Bowl team totals different?

Super Bowl team totals are the same as regular NFL team totals. However, handicapping team totals can be different. In the biggest game of the year, handicapping a team total to find an edge could be a valuable tool for betting.

What sportsbooks offer team totals?

Almost every sportsbook offers team totals. Almost all bettors should have no issues finding team totals with their sportsbook. However, team totals usually come out later in the week and also have a lower limit on the amount you can bet on them.

How can I find value on a team total?

One way to find value on a team total is to handicap the game. If a good offense is playing a bad defense, then there could be value on a total. However, there are times when team totals do not line up with the point spread and game total, which will also create value for a bettor.

Are the odds better on Super Bowl team totals?

The odds are usually the same for the Super Bowl team totals. Generally, team totals have a juice of -110, just like the spread or total. Depending on the sportsbook, team totals could have more juice depending on the risk, or confidence, the sportsbook has in profiting off team totals.

Can I parlay team totals?

You can parlay team totals but should be done with other games involved. Usually, sportsbooks will not let you parlay team totals with the point spread or total as it gives the bettor an edge over the sportsbook. However, parlaying team totals with other games or other team totals is possible.