Quarterback (QB) Fantasy Football Rankings 2019

We had some injuries in the quarterback world as Aaron Rodgers went down again. DeShaun Watson, Carson Wentz, and Andrew Luck all had severe injuries missing big portions. It was a down year for passing game scoring in 2017, but getting healthy quarterbacks back will help that. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Russell Wilson look to be the cream of the crop again, although DeShaun Watson was on a serious pace before tearing his ACL. There have been some QB changes around the league, as Alex Smith was traded to Washington. This opens the door for Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City, and he is sitting right around QB19 with Philip Rivers and Matt Ryan for the time being. Kirk Cousins is in Minnesota this year, and currently ranks just inside the top ten, as his new division buddy Matthew Stafford is right there with him. Projections are not terribly high on Andrew Luck this season, as he sits around the end of the tier three range. A tough strength of schedule and injury concerns are going to cause that. Luck is going to be one to keep news tabs on, and the latest news is that his pain is gone, and throwing programs are going well.

ADP OV Rank POS Rank Player 2019 FPTS Team Depth Bye 2019 Projected Stats 2018 Stats 2018 FPTS 2018 OV Rank 2018 POS Rank
Tier null
20.4 322 QB42 Patrick Mahomes
Kansas City Chiefs Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs 1 12 Pass: 4,553 YDS, 35 TD Pass: 5,097 YDS, 50 TD 417.08 1 QB1
40.5 735 QB96 Andrew Luck
Indianapolis Colts Colts Indianapolis Colts 1 6 Pass: 4,457 YDS, 34 TD Pass: 4,593 YDS, 39 TD 326.92 5 QB5
45.8 338 QB43 Aaron Rodgers
Green Bay Packers Packers Green Bay Packers 1 11 Pass: 4,228 YDS, 32 TD Pass: 4,442 YDS, 25 TD 312.58 7 QB7
55.8 468 QB9 Deshaun Watson
Houston Texans Texans Houston Texans 1 10 Pass: 4,066 YDS, 28 TD Pass: 4,165 YDS, 26 TD 331.7 4 QB4
57.4 180 QB28 Baker Mayfield
Cleveland Browns Browns Cleveland Browns 1 7 Pass: 4,396 YDS, 31 TD Pass: 3,725 YDS, 27 TD 240.1 22 QB22
66.7 255 QB39 Drew Brees
New Orleans Saints Saints New Orleans Saints 1 9 Pass: 4,158 YDS, 29 TD Pass: 3,992 YDS, 32 TD 303.98 9 QB9
69.7 126 QB23 Matt Ryan
Atlanta Falcons Falcons Atlanta Falcons 1 9 Pass: 4,606 YDS, 31 TD Pass: 4,924 YDS, 35 TD 353.96 2 QB2
73 222 QB36 Russell Wilson
Seattle Seahawks Seahawks Seattle Seahawks 1 11 Pass: 3,561 YDS, 28 TD Pass: 3,448 YDS, 35 TD 298.42 10 QB10
82.7 175 QB26 Carson Wentz
Philadelphia Eagles Eagles Philadelphia Eagles 1 10 Pass: 4,234 YDS, 31 TD Pass: 3,074 YDS, 21 TD 192.66 42 QB42
85.3 745 QB106 Philip Rivers
Los Angeles Chargers Chargers Los Angeles Chargers 1 12 Pass: 4,302 YDS, 30 TD Pass: 4,308 YDS, 32 TD 285.02 13 QB13
96.1 475 QB60 Cam Newton
Carolina Panthers Panthers Carolina Panthers 1 7 Pass: 3,634 YDS, 24 TD Pass: 3,395 YDS, 24 TD 282.6 14 QB14
101.2 62 QB14 Jared Goff
Los Angeles Rams Rams Los Angeles Rams 1 9 Pass: 4,425 YDS, 30 TD Pass: 4,688 YDS, 32 TD 310.32 8 QB8
106.9 345 QB44 Tom Brady
New England Patriots Patriots New England Patriots 1 10 Pass: 4,100 YDS, 26 TD Pass: 4,355 YDS, 29 TD 280.3 16 QB16
108.6 477 QB59 Kyler Murray
Arizona Cardinals Cardinals Arizona Cardinals 1 12 Pass: 3,566 YDS, 21 TD
110.3 91 QB21 Ben Roethlisberger
Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers 1 7 Pass: 4,233 YDS, 27 TD Pass: 5,129 YDS, 34 TD 340.86 3 QB3
117.4 478 QB61 Jameis Winston
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 7 Pass: 4,462 YDS, 28 TD Pass: 2,992 YDS, 19 TD 195.78 40 QB40
125 355 QB46 Jimmy Garoppolo
San Francisco 49ers 49ers San Francisco 49ers 1 4 Pass: 4,342 YDS, 26 TD Pass: 718 YDS, 5 TD 48.02 618 QB618
130.6 742 QB103 Josh Allen
Buffalo Bills Bills Buffalo Bills 1 6 Pass: 3,215 YDS, 17 TD Pass: 2,074 YDS, 10 TD 208.06 34 QB34
132.6 737 QB98 Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings Vikings Minnesota Vikings 1 12 Pass: 3,875 YDS, 26 TD Pass: 4,298 YDS, 30 TD 282.12 15 QB15
135.7 183 QB31 Lamar Jackson
Baltimore Ravens Ravens Baltimore Ravens 1 8 Pass: 2,913 YDS, 16 TD Pass: 1,201 YDS, 6 TD 157.54 73 QB73
138.9 353 QB45 Dak Prescott
Dallas Cowboys Cowboys Dallas Cowboys 1 8 Pass: 3,917 YDS, 24 TD Pass: 3,884 YDS, 22 TD 285.86 12 QB12
143.9 63 QB15 Mitch Trubisky
Chicago Bears Bears Chicago Bears 1 6 Pass: 3,851 YDS, 25 TD Pass: 3,223 YDS, 24 TD 263.02 19 QB19
194 510 QB7 Andy Dalton
Cincinnati Bengals Bengals Cincinnati Bengals 1 9 Pass: 3,843 YDS, 25 TD Pass: 2,566 YDS, 21 TD 174.54 53 QB53
363 47 QB13 Teddy Bridgewater
New Orleans Saints Saints New Orleans Saints 3 9 Pass: 94 YDS, 1 TD Pass: 118 YDS, 1 TD 7.22 1214 QB1214
385 132 QB24 Blake Bortles
Los Angeles Rams Rams Los Angeles Rams 2 9 Pass: 349 YDS, 2 TD Pass: 2,718 YDS, 13 TD 173.22 55 QB55

Quarterback is the headliner on reality football teams, but the pass-happy NFL and rules that favor offense has resulted in depth in terms of point scoring at the position. Even at a position with scoring depth, there are clear studs at the top. Tier 1 at quarterback features a trio of established studs in the form of Aaron Rodgers (coming back off of a broken collarbone that sidelined him for much of last season and explains his scoring output for 2017), Tom Brady and Russell Wilson (who led all players in scoring in Standard leagues last season). Waiting to take a quarterback in fantasy leagues has become common practice due to the sheer volume of viable options and the appeal of matchup-based streaming, but the Big 3 provide big ceilings and scoring certainty when they're on the field that has value if they slip too far as a result of gamers waiting to take their pigskin slinger. Tier 2 is headlined by a couple of young quarterbacks the Browns passed on to trade back in the 2016 and 2017 NFL Drafts. Deshaun Watson took the NFL by storm beating teams through the air and with his legs before suffering a torn ACL in practice leading up to Houston's game against Seattle. He's reportedly going to continue to play his brand of football, and his running ability actually gives him a higher ceiling than any other quarterback, but his small sample of success and lack of track record contributes to his ranking behind the Big 3. Carson Wentz had a brilliant regular season and is recovering from his own knee injury. Wentz added some value with his legs last year, but the bulk of his value is tied to his huge gains as a passer in his sophomore seasons, reducing the concerns of his value taking a hit if he opts to run less frequently in year 3. Keep tabs on Lineups rankings at the position as the offseason progresses, as any news that suggests he could miss time early in the year to continue his recovery from his knee injury will be reflected in our rankings. Before Watson was tearing up the league with his legs and arm, Cam Newton was rumbling for touchdowns and unloading deep balls, and his success as a runner helps push him into Tier 2. Perhaps a surprise face in this tier is Alex Smith, who ditched his dink-and-dunk ways while enjoying a career year in his last season in Kansas City. He was traded to Washington, and he has intriguing weapons there that should allow him to continue to take the shots down the field that helped him enjoy a career year last season. Even if he regresses some, it's worth noting he's no slouch as a runner. Tier 3 includes rock-steady annual contributors Matthew Stafford and Ben Roethlisberger as well as an emerging stud, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Smith's predecessor in Washington, Kirk Cousins, new starting quarterback for the Vikings. Tiers 4 and 5 speak to the depth of the position with 2017-breakout Jared Goff and Matt Ryan among the names in Tier 4 and bounce-back candidates Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota in Tier 5.