2018 Tight End Fantasy Football Rankings

Injuries have hurt the tight end position more than any other for fantasy. With passing production being down, this position has dried up into just a few elite options. Jordan Reed, Rob Gronkowski, Greg Olsen, and Tyler Eifert are all top names who have been extremely injury prone in the past. If healthy, which we are already dealing with Eifert again, we can have some depth. There are a few names like Ricky Seals-Jones, George Kittle, Trey Burton, and David Njoku who are young athletic tight ends in possible roles for production. They are wild card draft picks, but sit within the top 20 tight ends to take based off of average draft position and projections. Evan Engram had a strong rookie year with over 700 receiving yards and six touchdowns. With Odell Beckham Jr back healthy and Saquon Barkley in the picture now, his production could see a bit of a drop for his ADP. Eric Ebron has been a major disappointment in his career, but gets a fresh start in Indy. This downgrades Jack Doyle’s volume share, but two tight end sets will be popular this year for the Colts. Ebron’s stock has dropped, but at a 217 rank he is worth a shot late in drafts again, especially if Andrew Luck is healthy.

ADP OV Rank POS Rank Player 2018 FPTS Team Depth Bye 2018 Projected Stats 2017 Stats 2017 FPTS 2017 OV Rank 2017 POS Rank
Tier 1
25.6 60 TE1 Rob Gronkowski
156.4 New England Patriots Patriots New England Patriots Rec: 1,124 YDS, 8 TD Rec: 1,084 YDS, 8 TD 158.4 56 TE56
32.8 93 TE2 Travis Kelce
129.2 Kansas City Chiefs Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs 1 12 Rec: 1,005 YDS, 5 TD Rec: 1,038 YDS, 8 TD 150.5 71 TE71
42.2 95 TE3 Zach Ertz
128.4 Philadelphia Eagles Eagles Philadelphia Eagles 1 10 Rec: 884 YDS, 7 TD Rec: 824 YDS, 8 TD 128.4 121 TE121
55.4 103 TE4 Greg Olsen
126.4 Carolina Panthers Panthers Carolina Panthers 1 7 Rec: 914 YDS, 5 TD Rec: 191 YDS, 1 TD 25.1 900 TE900
Tier 2
51.4 149 TE9 Jimmy Graham
105.2 Green Bay Packers Packers Green Bay Packers 1 11 Rec: 612 YDS, 7 TD Rec: 520 YDS, 10 TD 114 161 TE161
63.5 139 TE6 Evan Engram
110.8 New York Giants Giants New York Giants 1 11 Rec: 758 YDS, 6 TD Rec: 722 YDS, 6 TD 109.6 184 TE184
74.1 147 TE8 Kyle Rudolph
106.1 Minnesota Vikings Vikings Minnesota Vikings 1 12 Rec: 611 YDS, 7 TD Rec: 532 YDS, 8 TD 101.2 223 TE223
77.7 125 TE5 Delanie Walker
116.9 Tennessee Titans Titans Tennessee Titans 1 11 Rec: 819 YDS, 6 TD Rec: 807 YDS, 3 TD 100.5 230 TE230
85 145 TE7 Jordan Reed
107.3 Washington Redskins Redskins Washington Redskins 1 10 Rec: 733 YDS, 5 TD Rec: 211 YDS, 2 TD 33.1 808 TE808
127.8 170 TE10 Jack Doyle
99.6 Indianapolis Colts Colts Indianapolis Colts 2 6 Rec: 666 YDS, 6 TD Rec: 690 YDS, 4 TD 89 293 TE293
Tier 3
81.4 225 TE14 Trey Burton
79.8 Chicago Bears Bears Chicago Bears 1 6 Rec: 558 YDS, 4 TD Rec: 248 YDS, 5 TD 56.8 555 TE555
118.9 207 TE11 Tyler Eifert
86.7 Cincinnati Bengals Bengals Cincinnati Bengals 1 9 Rec: 577 YDS, 4 TD Rec: 46 YDS, 0.0 TD 4.6 1328 TE1328
142.1 227 TE15 George Kittle
79.6 San Francisco 49ers 49ers San Francisco 49ers 1 4 Rec: 536 YDS, 4 TD Rec: 515 YDS, 2 TD 63.5 503 TE503
Tier 4
148.1 281 TE27 OJ Howard
59.4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 7 Rec: 444 YDS, 3 TD Rec: 432 YDS, 6 TD 75.2 404 TE404
Tier 5
344 327 TE32 Austin Traylor
39 Denver Broncos Broncos Denver Broncos 6 Rec: 320 YDS, 2 TD Rec: 100 YDS, 0.0 TD 10 1168 TE1168
413 375 TE43 Jonnu Smith
21.5 Tennessee Titans Titans Tennessee Titans 2 11 Rec: 195 YDS, 1 TD Rec: 157 YDS, 2 TD 27.7 867 TE867
581 772 TE133 Ryan Hewitt
1.9 Indianapolis Colts Colts Indianapolis Colts Rec: 19 YDS, 0.0 TD Rec: 22 YDS, 0.0 TD 2.2 1429 TE1429
583 986 TE154 Chris Manhertz
0 Carolina Panthers Panthers Carolina Panthers 3 7 Rec: 18 YDS, 0.0 TD Rec: 17 YDS, 0.0 TD 1.7 1449 TE1449
672 901 TE160 Alex Gray
0 Atlanta Falcons Falcons Atlanta Falcons 9 Rec: 0.0 YDS, 0.0 TD
682 941 TE163 James Hurst
0 Baltimore Ravens Ravens Baltimore Ravens 8 Rec: 0.0 YDS, 0.0 TD 0 1876 OT1876
839 574 TE81 Randall Telfer
5 Indianapolis Colts Colts Indianapolis Colts 22 Rec: 0.0 YDS, 0.0 TD Rec: 36 YDS, 0.0 TD 3.6 1366 TE1366
853 720 TE131 Mychal Rivera
2 Jacksonville Jaguars Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars 11 Rec: 0.0 YDS, 0.0 TD 0 1588 TE1588
877 695 TE113 Tim Wright
3 Kansas City Chiefs Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs 13 Rec: 0.0 YDS, 0.0 TD
924 1089 TE185 Julius Thomas
0 Miami Dolphins Dolphins Miami Dolphins 7 Rec: 0.0 YDS, 0.0 TD Rec: 388 YDS, 3 TD 56.8 556 TE556
958 1092 TE164 Martellus Bennett
0 New England Patriots Patriots New England Patriots 3 Rec: 0.0 YDS, 0.0 TD Rec: 286 YDS, 0.0 TD 28.6 858 TE858

Rob Gronkowski remains at the head of the tight end position. After missing significant time in 2016, he returned to dominate as he often has, and he played in 14 games in the regular season. It was his third season of 14 games played or more in the last four, and one of his two missed contests was due to a suspension for the cheap shot he inflicted upon Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White. In other words, he's not quite as injury plagued as the perception might be, and our projections call for him to top 1,000 yards receiving with eight touchdowns for the second straight year. Not far behind him are Travis Kelce and Zach Ertz. Kelce has bested 80 receptions and 1,000 yards receiving in back-to-back years and set a new high with eight touchdown grabs in 2017. He's never fallen short of 850 yards receiving in his four healthy seasons, and his single-season lows of 67 receptions (2014) and four touchdown receptions (2016) set the bar high for his floor and make him a legitimate threat to bypass Gronk for top tight end honors this year. Although, he'll be catching passes from a new quarterback, sophomore Patrick Mahomes, and the offense also added receiver Sammy Watkins to the mix. Will he be Mahomes' preferred target in the passing game? That remains to be seen, but Kelce's excellence makes a quarterback change less concerning than it would be for a tight end whose value entirely came from his rapport with his quarterback. Ertz doesn't have a 1,000-plus yard season to his name, but he's gone over 800 yards in three straight years with no fewer than 74 grabs in any of those years. His sizable reception numbers add to his appeal in PPR formats. Veterans Greg Olsen and Jimmy Graham should be among the top options at fantasy football's weakest position, but Olsen is coming back from a year derailed by injury in which Devin Funchess put it together. Our projections do not call for him to get back to his 1,000-plus yard receiving form from 2014-2016, but a 900-plus yard projection is nothing to sneeze at. Graham has turned into something of a touchdown-dependent top tight end, but he goes from one stud quarterback, Russell Wilson, to another, Aaron Rodgers, who will lead his team into scoring territory often. Evan Engram's solid debut season added another fantasy starter to the mix. Delanie Walker remains one of Marcus Mariota's favorite options in the passing attack, and he's a reliable option after the top-flight tight ends fly off the board. While Gronk's injury history is slightly overblown, Jordan Reed is simply a player who can't stay on the field. His excellent 14-game season in 2015 is enticing to dream on, but his projections are a reflection that he's unlikely to reach those heights. The Colts receiving corps is, in a word, bad. That's good news for Jack Doyle. The bad news is that Eric Ebron joined the fold siphon touches at the same position. There should be enough football to go around for each to flirt with starter status on a weekly basis. After shining in the games Ertz missed last year, Trey Burton is a popular upside pick at tight end in his first year in Chicago. Meanwhile in San Francisco, George Kittle makes for a popular upside pick, too, after a stellar rookie season and now a full year to work with Jimmy Garoppolo. Tight end lacks depth and is extremely top heavy, but there are some intriguing breakout candidates who could have gamers viewing the position in a more favorable light come next season.