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8-9, 3rd NFC North

DET 20 @ GB 16


2/12, 11:30p
2/12, 11:30p

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Top 5 Packers News Stories of 2018-19

Why Is Green Bay Avoiding Their Offensive Line? - The Packers have a franchise quarterback, and he has been battling injuries over the last few seasons. Why are the Packers avoiding adding some talent to their offensive line? They are a middle of the road offensive line, Bryan Buluga and David Bakhitiari are not bad options, but the other three are not enticing options. They have been adding undrafted free agents, which isn’t usually a promising way to build an offensive line. With inexperienced backs and a world class quarterback, Green Bay should be investing some cash or picks into their offensive line, but we have yet to see that.

Will Any Backs Emerge Out Of This Committee? - Both Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones coming into their sophomore seasons will emerge as options, but a committee is likely. You still also have Ty Montgomery who might get into the mix. This is looking like a true committee, which can be frustrating. Jones was a more efficient back, but had an injury issue and is also starting off the year on suspension. It will be a chance for Williams to put some pressure on the Green Bay staff to use him more if he has some solid games. They won’t have much help behind this offensive line, but Aaron Rodgers is going to take a lot of eyes away from them.

Who Wins The Third Wide Receiver Position? - Davante Adams and Randall Cobb come in as the easy one-two punch in this offense, and both are going to make a lot of noise in addition to Jimmy Graham. If we get a fully healthy Aaron Rodgers season, then you are looking at someone getting value breaking into the wide receiver role. Geronimo Allison is looking like that guy, although Trevor Davis, and a handful of rookies drafted will push him for targets. The Packers could make a change mid year if things are not working out, but early bets are on Allison. It would be interesting to see if Rodgers can connect with one of these rooks.

Will The Defense Be The Make Or Break To A Good Season? - The Packers allowed 384 points last season, which was the seventh most in the league. They really struggled in the secondary, allowing the third most passing touchdowns. They also allowed the second highest red zone percentage in the league, with Cleveland being the only team ahead of them. While they have Aaron Rodgers, and that is a pretty big advantage, this offense might not be as good as years prior, and could have to keep up more if the defense struggles. If they make some progress given there is talent in this secondary, things will work out well for them.

Is Jimmy Graham’s Hype Real? - Can you think of the last viable tight end in Green Bay? Me neither. Green Bay invested in Jimmy Graham this past offseason, and at his frame he is going to get a lot of red zone chances within this offense. Graham has widely been used as a red zone threat over the last few seasons, mainly since the big injury. His work between the 20s has been somewhat limited. Graham is trending in the wrong direction with each year he gets older. He is going to be severely touchdown dependent as most tight ends are, but Graham even more so given the yards will likely not be there.