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Top 5 Colts News Stories of 2020

Will A Healthy Luck Save A Mediocre Roster? - The defense is bad, and his weapons are rather poor outside of the tight ends and T.Y. Hilton. This team landed a top five pick last season as Andrew Luck missed the whole year. This year is looking like a different story with Luck looking healthy heading into the season opener. Of course one Luck injury could derail the year, but Luck is good enough to get the Colts over the hump in a few games. While it is hard to project them into the playoffs, they might end up being a game or two out of their division come the end of the season.

Did The Colts Finally Upgrade Their Line? - Dealing with injuries to their franchise quarterback, the Colts finally got serious about protecting him. They signed Matt Slausen in free agency, then drafted two guards. Quenton Nelson was the big pick out of Notre Dame, who came in as the top offensive lineman in the draft. Nelson is a big change for this team. They didn’t stop there adding Braden Smith in the second round. There is a lot of potential for the Colts line to take a big jump in comparison to where they were the last few seasons. They even have some depth, and Jack Mewhort can play all over if needed to fill in.

Is Indy In The Running For Worst Defense? - The draft was focused largely on the offensive line. They brought in a lot of low end players to fight for spots instead of making some noise in the free agent market. The secondary is looking like one of the worst in the league, and that might be likely come the end of the year. They released John Simon, who was actually a bright spot for the Colts, and then cut Jonathan Hankins. While they are not in the most dominant offensive division in football, they are still going to see enough firepower to give them some problems this season.

Is Next Year’s Running Back On This Year’s Roster? - Marlon Mack was leading the way with Frank Gore out of town, but his hamstring injury gives him a real problem. Mack was in a bad situation last season, mainly because the line and defense was bad. This year injuries could derail him from a full year. With no Frank Gore, there are plenty of attempts up for grabs. They did draft two running backs, but neither have shown any ability to lock down even a top two role during the preseason. It leaves us to ask if they will look to make a splash in free agency or the draft next year to get a guy for the future.

Will Lack Of Wide Receivers Hurt Passing Game? - T.Y. Hilton enters as this season’s number one wideout, as he has the last few seasons, and will for a season or two more. Ryan Grant and Chester Rogers are next in line, and you are likely asking yourself who they even are. A lot of people will believe Luck can make some of these guys better than advertised, but that is still a lot to ask with him not playing a regular season game in over a year. The Colts have two sturdy tight ends that could mask this issue, and you will likely see a lot of two tight end sets.