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5-12, 3rd NFC West

LAR 16 @ SEA 19


2/12, 11:30p
2/12, 11:30p

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Will Facing The Tougher NFC East Team Have Consequences? - Whenever you take down a division, the schedule is going to get a little tougher for the upcoming season. Luckily for the Rams they have some pedestrian divisional opponents that they can beat up on in between the big games. They face the Chargers and Vikings early on in the year, which will be tough tasks before a rough stretch of three away games. They also face Green Bay and New Orleans in back-to-back weeks. They end the season going on the road against Detroit, Chicago, and then home against Philly before two divisional opponents. The Rams have no room for error this season.

Can Rams Lead The League In Points Again? - The Rams absolutely dominated on the offensive side of the ball last season, beating out every team in the league for total points. The Rams added Brandin Cooks this season, which gives them a home run threat for a wideout. They also got better defensively, which might actually limit their scoring if they control the clock more so this season. Either way, The Rams are primed for a big year on the offensive side again, and when you have Todd Gurley things are going to be pretty good. If Jared Goff can remain on a strong pace, there is no reason to believe they can’t do it again this season.

Can Added Pieces Push Them To The Next Level? - The Rams were bounced in the first round of the playoffs last season, which made them add two above average corners, a monster defensive lineman, and a speedy wideout. These were big additions to the roster, and they also signed Aaron Donald to a long term deal. The Rams have a tougher schedule on the horizon, but have revamped what was already a very good team. They will have a tough task with the NFC being loaded, but you don’t make these moves unless you are ready to compete with the best. It will be an interesting watch to see if these guys can get them to the top.

Do We Expect More Of The Same From Jared Goff? - Los Angeles drafted Jared Goff number one overall two seasons ago, and this past year was a big success. He had over 25 touchdowns through the air, and limited turnovers. While he had a very successful running game and offensive line to protect him, Goff still was able to produce at an above average level when needed. We are going on year three now for Goff, and he gets a new weapon in Cooks. A one year sample size is certainly going to be thrown out the window to some, but Goff is looking to build upon the success from last season.

Are The Rams Clear Favorites Within Division? - With Seattle taking a big step backwards, Arizona in rebuild, and San Francisco maybe a year away, the Rams are looking like the clear favorites within this division. They have built up their defense, and already had a top scoring offense from last season. These division games will be more crucial this year, mainly because their non divisional games are so tough. Taking care of business will give them some leeway if they were to lose a handful of games, while still retaining the division. This is still a tough division, but definitely not as tough as prior years, and more so Seattle.