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Top 5 Questions for the Saints in 2020

What Does An Alvin Kamara Encore Look Like? - Alvin Kamara is coming off a rookie season where he posted over 1,300 all-purpose yards and double-digit touchdowns. This led to a rookie of the year award, and arguably the best backfield duo in football. Mark Ingram is suspended the first four games of the 2018 season, which is going to give Kamara a hefty workload for the first four weeks of the season. Kamara’s likely touchdown regression will come, but New Orleans is going to be an offense that can handle two running backs. The workload worked last season, and behind one of the better offensive lines in football, they should continue to lean on a more balanced offense.

Where Does New Orleans Rank Among The NFC Elite? - The New Orleans Saints were a play away from moving onto the NFC Championship, and we could be looking at a totally different NFC Championship or Super Bowl from last season. The NFC is loaded with talent, and even within their own division they have three potential playoff teams. The Saints will have a tough task this season facing Minnesota, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, in addition to their division. These will be good tests for New Orleans to showcase their strength within the NFC. If the Saints make the playoffs, it is highly likely they matchup at some point against one of these teams.

Can The Defense Take Another Step? - After having a few down years in the defensive department, New Orleans took a step in the right direction on defense. They have Cameron Jordan, but also drafted rookie of the year corner, Marshon Lattimore. The Saints were middle of the road in yards per game, but ranked inside the top ten in points per game allowed. Adding to the defensive side with a few depth players would give them some help, but also needing a bit more pressure they should look for a pass rusher. New Orleans will look to try and build upon last season’s success, especially given the other NFC defenses

Will Drew Brees Show Any Signs Of Slowing Down - Drew Brees is going on his 19th year in the league, and will be turning 40 in the new year. Brees continues to churn out 4,000+ yard seasons, and while he had just 23 touchdowns this past season, it was more due to the running game find the end zone so much. Brees has yet to show any signs of slowing down, and barring an injury it is tough to see that heading into the new season. His passing attempts went down below 600, which is the first time since 2009. This is once again more due to New Orleans dedicating themselves to a balanced offense.

Who Steps Up For New Orleans’ WR2 Role? - Michael Thomas was the go-to receiver in this offense, but after that there was a high variance of options. Ted Ginn held down the role, but the Saints signed Cameron Meredith in the offseason hoping for him to step up. With no above average tight end in place, they are going to need to establish a true secondary option that is not coming from the backfield. Meredith is the early favorite to take this role, but do not be surprised if Ginn makes noise again. They have some flashy younger receivers on the depth charts, but it is unlikely they will crack the top three.