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14-3, 1st NFC East

vs SF

8:00 pm GMT , 1/29

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Top 5 Eagles News Stories of 2020

Does Philly Have The Best Line In Football? - The Cowboys were widely recognized for the best line in football, and many of us could run for 1,000 yards behind it. Philly might have grabbed the top spot here with Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce here. Brandon Brooks is also a stud guard. This is a huge edge right now, and you also have to say the NFC East is packed with good lines. Philly has a rotating use of backs, which all receive a bump given the line play. This is also going to be important for when Carson Wentz returns, as protection will be very important for him.

Will Injuries Derail 2018? - There have been reports about Carson Wentz missing several more weeks, as he has yet to be cleared for gameplay. Alshon Jeffery underwent ankle surgery last season, and is not expected to play within the first few weeks. This is a pretty big deal for the offense, as we saw Nick Foles be somewhat erratic at times despite winning a Super Bowl. Jeffery might not be in the prime of his career anymore, but he is still a name that can suck away coverage from others. Philadelphia can likely ride the defense and running game for most wins till everyone is healthy.

Why Is Jay Ajayi Not A Lock For Big Volume? - After LeGarrett Blount left, there are some carries to be had, but they are not necessarily to go right to Jay Ajayi. Philadelphia still has Corey Clement, and Darren Sproles is still making his way around this league gaining touches and snaps. Clement is going to be a change of pace back, while Sproles works passing downs. This allows Ajayi to have first and second down work, but likely not enough to have him touching the ball 20+ times a game. Ajayi’s talent is there to capitalize on what is given, but in terms of true upside, there a better backs.

Are The Eagles Far Above And Above The Division? - The Eagles won the division comfortably last season, but will it be the same this year? New York gets OBJ back, and also drafted Saquon Barkley, so the firepower is there for the Giants to compete. Washington may put up a fight most weeks, but overall Philly is a mile better than this team. Dallas has taken a step in the wrong direction, so we are looking at a potential repeat for the Eagles. The rivals will be gunning for them, so it would be foolish for Philadelphia to come out flat in some of the road games they have.

Can Nelson Agholor Build On A Strong 2017? - Nelson Agholor caught 62 balls last season for over 700 yards and a whopping eight touchdowns. Agholor was used heavily inside the red zone, and also in the slot. This move went well for Agholor, and Philly would be foolish to move him back outside. With Jeffery banged up, Agholor should be used heavily within this offense. He was someone they liked to get creative with, which opens the door for more upside in 2018. Philly is still a strong offense, although Foles will be a downgrade from Wentz for Agholor if Wentz can’t come back strong.