2019 NFL Kicker (K) Stats Cheat Sheet

The old kicker debate has been happening for quite some time. Do kickers belong in fantasy? Well, we are not taking a side, instead we are providing kicker stats for those season long and FanDuel players. Here you can gauge how accurate a kicker is with their extra point percentage and field goal percentage. If you are looking for volume, field goal attempts per game is a great way to pin point those high volume kickers. Instead of just looking at overall kicks made, we have broken down kicks made by range. Not all field goals are created equal, as longer field goals mean more fantasy points. Find out who notches the most 40+ and 50+ yard field goals in the game, and who is generating the most fantasy points. As Denny Carter says, “kickers are people too.” We stand by him in creating an extensive stats page for kickers.

2019-20 Regular Season Hasn't Started. Select Last Year (2018-19) for Stats