2019 Tight End (TE) Fantasy Stats

With tight ends being such an important part of an offense, they have become an important part of our fantasy following. You have the superstar receiving tight ends like a Travis Kelce and Rob Gronkowski, but then you have tight ends who are predominately used for blocking. Viable fantasy tight ends will be given plenty of targets, which like wide receiver, will determine how they fit into an offense. Tight ends who see plenty of snaps yet don’t find themselves getting targets are geared towards pass and run blocking. Otherwise, tight ends are essentially wide receivers and can generate over 100 targets over the course of a season. With elite tight ends dominating the game right now, don’t be surprised to see 80 receptions and 1,000 receiving yards for some of these guys come year’s end. Being dominant physical presences, tight ends will also be used in the red zone, which correlates with touchdowns.

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