NFL Strength of Schedule 2018

#1 = Hardest, #32 = Easiest
Strength Of Schedule Rank Team Opponent Record Opponent Win % Passing SOS Rushing SOS Pass Yards Allowed Rush Yards Allowed Points Allowed Schedule Notes
1 Houston Texans 116-140 45% 24 11 57,454 27,909 5,681 Texans Schedule
DeShaun Watson is expected to be full strength for the season, and is in a great spot to have a great sophomore season. Houston's running back committee is in a middle of the road spot this season, going up against a few solid run defenses in the AFC South. Houston has some potential tough out of division games, like New England, Denver, Washington, and Philadelphia.
2 Tennessee Titans 119-137 46% 12 30 57,079 29,445 5,624 Titans Schedule
Tennessee draws one of the better schedules based on win-loss records, but that could be a bit deceiving. Houston and Indianapolis potentially gaining back their starting QBs would make the AFC South a bit tougher than prior years. The Titans running backs draw a favorable schedule for fantasy production, while Marcus Mariota and the receiver cores is slightly below average. Tennessee sees the AFC East, which gives them a few winnable games.
3 Oakland Raiders 121-135 47% 18 10 56,011 28,696 5,558 Raiders Schedule
Oakland is in what seems to be an ever changing AFC West division. Oakland has a pretty strong running back schedule ahead of them this season, which bodes well for their backs. However, the passing game that is slightly different than last season, will face a tough task. They will face Denver and Los Angeles twice a year, both two strong secondaries, but games against Pittsburgh, Arizona, and Cincinnati are tough as well.
3 Cincinnati Bengals 121-135 47% 21 6 57,227 27,677 5,555 Bengals Schedule
The Bengals might be the team to compete with Pittsburgh out of the other group of three. They have a few tough out of division games, like Carolina, Atlanta, Kansas City, Los Angeles, and New Orleans. They will get some soft matchups against the Bucs, Dolphins, Raiders, and Colts. Nothing stands out about the fantasy weapons, outside of the receivers seeing a bottom ten schedule.
5 Pittsburgh Steelers 122-134 48% 16 17 56,742 28,382 5,404 Steelers Schedule
This division is still in line for the Steelers to run away with it, as both Ohio teams try and stay competitive. Baltimore has trended downwards, but these are always grind it out games. Pittsburgh will also be away from home to Atlanta, Carolina, and Los Angeles this season. They have home games against the Broncos and Jaguars, which would be stifling matchups. They end the season against New England and New Orleans.
5 Jacksonville Jaguars 122-134 48% 32 25 59,891 28,270 5,872 Jaguars Schedule
The Jags will look to defend the AFC South again, but this is going to be a more competitive division than the Win-Loss records show. Jacksonville has the easiest passing schedule on paper, mainly because this division was so bad against the pass last year. However, the running back schedule is also fairly easy. This team will see the Patriots, Steelers, Chiefs, and Giants, but have established themselves as AFC contenders.
5 Denver Broncos 122-134 48% 23 22 57,308 29,259 5,561 Broncos Schedule
Denver could bounce back after a few underperforming seasons with the rest of the AFC West jumping ahead. The Broncos also see the NFC West, which is arguably the toughest division in football. Despite some tough matchups this season, Denver has a decent schedule for production to both the running and passing game, although a few defenses could be surprising.
5 New York Jets 122-134 48% 31 19 57,940 27,808 5,684 Jets Schedule
This is probably still a race for second place in the AFC East, but the Jets will have the advantage of facing two other divisional teams going to growing pains with them. Outside of the division, getting Detroit, Denver, Minnesota, Jacksonville, and Green Bay is where you expect them to really struggle again. The Jets passing and running games have a less than desirable schedule.
9 Los Angeles Chargers 123-133 48% 25 8 57,384 27,703 5,678 Chargers Schedule
The Chargers are a sneaky threat to go deep into the playoffs and make a run at the AFC West. Their defense is excellent, and the offense has plenty of firepower. The Chiefs and Chargers defenses had holes last season, and face a fairly soft rushing schedule this season. If Melvin Gordon stays healthy, he faces a solid division and game script most weeks.
10 New England Patriots 124-132 48% 28 26 57,673 28,497 5,711 Patriots Schedule
Having to face the Jets, Dolphins, and Bills six times a season is a luxury at this point in time. They also face Indy, Chicago, Tennessee, and Kansas City which are all viable wins. The tougher matchups come against Minnesota, Green Bay, Detroit, and Jacksonville. The Pats machine should keep rolling this season, and we can expect another 10+ win year. New England fantasy options are more hurt by the volume than matchup, but the passing and running games have above average matchups.
10 Indianapolis Colts 124-132 48% 22 28 57,507 28,338 5,675 Colts Schedule
The status of the Colts season will hinder on Andrew Luck's health again. If he is back and well, he is welcomed back with a positive schedule to get things going again. Even the running backs are in a decent spot, but they are nothing more than decent themselves. The Colts do see a few tough out of division games, going against Philadelphia and New England, but do face some easier tasks of the bottom teams in other divisions.
12 Baltimore Ravens 125-131 49% 26 18 57,112 27,926 5,565 Ravens Schedule
Baltimore is already a struggling offense, especially through the air. Facing a bottom ten pass schedule is not going to help. The running schedule is mediocre, and they are likely going to be fighting for third or second place at best. Baltimore faces Carolina, New Orleans, Atlanta, Kansas City, and the Chargers. This could very well be a bottom five win team at the end of 2018.
13 Kansas City Chiefs 126-130 49% 3 9 55,014 28,401 5,393 Chiefs Schedule
KC will enter the year with a lot of offensive potential, and a second year QB. Kansas City has a middle of the road fantasy schedule, mainly because playing Denver and Los Angeles twice is going to be low scoring affairs most of the time. The Chiefs will have a tough out of division schedule with how they finished last season, facing Jacksonville, New England, Pittsburgh, and the Rams. Three defenses that finished inside the top ten last season.
13 Philadelphia Eagles 126-130 49% 6 31 57,468 28,479 5,611 Eagles Schedule
The reigning Super Bowl champs will open up against Atlanta, which kicks off their matchups against the NFC South. They also get the AFC South which could be tougher than what it says on paper. Minnesota gets a rematch, and the Rams will get a crack at Philly. The Eagles offense has some tough defenses to face in 2018.
15 Buffalo Bills 127-129 50% 29 20 57,745 28,476 5,513 Bills Schedule
Buffalo was somewhat of a surprise playoff team, and might be even worse this season. Things open up rough on the road against Baltimore, home to the Chargers, and then face both the Vikings and Packers in back to back weeks. Having to face the Patriots twice is always going to be a knock, but even the secondary games like Detroit and Jacksonville are a big issue. Their only positive games seem to be against the Jets/Dolphins who are in rebuild mode.
16 San Francisco 49ers 128-128 50% 8 7 57,244 28,068 5,512 49ers Schedule
San Francisco is in a quick rebuild, and will be a competitive team moving forward. The problem is they play in a tough division. The 49ers face three above average defenses six times within the division, but also face Minnesota, Detroit, Green Bay, and the AFC West. While their wins might not add up this season, expect them to be in some close games.
16 Dallas Cowboys 128-128 50% 4 21 58,578 28,013 5,664 Cowboys Schedule
The Cowboys have some very tough games this season, facing a sneaky AFC South division, Carolina, Detroit, Seattle, Atlanta, and New Orleans. Struggling to find an identity, it could be a long year. Dallas faces a rough running schedule, especially playing against three solid division teams twice. The passing game could get going, boasting a top ten schedule for fantasy points per game allowed.
16 Miami Dolphins 128-128 50% 30 32 58,575 28,839 5,592 Dolphins Schedule
The Dolphins have other issues besides their strength of schedule this season. They play the Patriots twice, and will likely compete with the other three for the bottom. They face AFC South and NFC North which does not bode well for the Dolphins. There are a few positives, the Dolphins backs have a very solid strength of schedule for fantasy production.
19 Washington Redskins 129-127 50% 20 3 58,679 26,652 5,589 Redskins Schedule
The one thing that stands out is the tough schedule for the Washington back, which could feature a rookie this season. Within the division their are solid run defenses, but facing the NFC South, Green Bay, and Tennessee is a rough go. Alex Smith and company has a potential run of good matchups, but their weapons are a big question mark.
20 Atlanta Falcons 130-126 51% 2 5 58,413 27,474 5,588 Falcons Schedule
Atlanta is in a hostile NFC South and have a tough draw for out of division games, including Green Bay, Washington, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are a mismatch, and have a slightly above average strength of schedule. Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman are in for a bit of a tougher ride given they face a schedule that allowed the 7th fewest fantasy production.
21 Carolina Panthers 131-125 51% 11 29 57,850 28,383 5,527 Panthers Schedule
Carolina has some sneaky good out of division matchups, with the Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Seattle games standing out as the tough one. From a fantasy aspect, it is going to be a middle of the road one for these skill position guys. Cam Newton is in a tough pass division, as New Orleans is now one of the league's best pass defenses.
22 Chicago Bears 133-123 52% 27 16 58,912 28,236 5,629 Bears Schedule
The Bears are in a midst of a rebuild, but are tooling up very nicely. Chicago has a fairly generous schedule for production in fantasy, and ones that will not cost you much. Chicago has a top ten passing and running schedule. The Bears do play the AFC East this year, which is three matchups very favorable for a win and fantasy. The NFC West matchups not so much, as those will be the real struggles in 2018.
22 Minnesota Vikings 133-123 52% 19 15 58,535 28,263 5,616 Vikings Schedule
Minnesota is going to be a Super Bowl favorite this year, especially adding Kirk Cousins. They open up against the 49ers, and then face the rest of the NFC West. They face the Saints, which is a rematch of the Divisional game in 2017. Cousins draws a favorable pass schedule this season, while Minnesota running backs also have favorable matchups.
22 Arizona Cardinals 133-123 52% 14 27 56,332 28,920 5,489 Cardinals Schedule
Arizona are in a rough spot right now, trying to rebuild with a few veterans. Playing in the NFC West is a brutal division, and they have a middle of the road fantasy schedule ahead of them. Playing Denver, Minnesota, Los Angeles, Green Bay, Detroit, and Atlanta is a very tough out of division schedule. It might be a tough year for guys like Fitz and Johnson to produce on a consistent basis.
22 New York Giants 133-123 52% 10 14 57,253 27,442 5,547 Giants Schedule
For a team that was abysmal last season, things could turn around, but their schedule might make that tougher to accomplish. Facing Philly twice is already a tough task, but Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans, and Jacksonville are tough out of division matchups. The passing game has a somewhat favorable schedule, facing opponents that ranked bottom ten combined in fantasy points allowed.
26 Cleveland Browns 134-122 52% 9 23 56,618 28,574 5,454 Browns Schedule
There is only one place to for Cleveland, and that is up, or well they stay the same. In what should be an improved team filled with young talent, they face tough in-division games, but also New Orleans, San Diego, Kansas City, Denver, and Carolina. Baker Mayfield or Tyrod Taylor get a very rough draw of matchups, while the backs have an average set of matchups, but game-flow might be the real issue.
26 Los Angeles Rams 134-122 52% 15 1 56,849 27,113 5,471 Rams Schedule
One thing that will standout is the tough schedule ahead for Todd Gurley. For one he is in a tough run division, but Minnesota, Denver, Detroit, Chicago, and Philadelphia are no cake walks. Jared Goff and company also see a bottom ten schedule. This is a Rams team that will look to build on last year, but this is a brutal schedule for them facing such elite NFC teams.
26 Seattle Seahawks 134-122 52% 13 2 56,961 27,402 5,503 Seahawks Schedule
Seattle might have their window closing, but are still likely to battle it out with the Rams in a rough and tough NFC West. Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin have some tougher matchups this season, facing a few above average secondaries in the division. The out of division games tack on, facing Denver, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Minnesota. They do have a few games like Kansas City, Dallas, and Green Bay that could be potential shootout games.
29 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 136-120 53% 1 13 56,743 27,408 5,412 Buccaneers Schedule
Playing in the NFC South might be one of the toughest tasks right now. Improved defenses around the division has made this a bit more difficult than years prior. The Bucs draw a bottom five rushing schedule and middle of the road pass schedule this season. It will be another tough battle to make it to the top of the NFC South, especially facing teams like Philadelphia, Chicago, and the rest of the NFC east.
30 Detroit Lions 137-119 54% 17 4 56,763 27,356 5,406 Lions Schedule
The Lions are likely heading for another season finishing below the others in the NFC North outside of Chicago. It isn't about their talent, but the Lions facing the Vikings and Packers twice a year are all toss-ups that aren't on their side. They open the season against the Jets, and 49ers, but it stops there, facing the Patriots, Seahawks, and Panthers in a span of a few weeks later. They also run into the Rams, Cardinals before facing the Vikings and Packers to end the season
30 New Orleans Saints 137-119 54% 5 12 57,300 27,299 5,402 Saints Schedule
New Orleans is in the best spot of any NFC South team, and they start off with an easy start to the season before things get tough. Carolina, and Atlanta are tough tasks, but the Rams, Vikings, Steelers are also difficult non-division teams. As far as fantasy positions go, the Saints do not have any one position that stands out against their opponents as a whole.
32 Green Bay Packers 138-118 54% 7 24 56,728 28,108 5,434 Packers Schedule
After a few easy years, Green Bay finally has a tough schedule. Detroit and Minnesota are division battles, while Chicago should be improved this season. Green Bay sees the Rams, Patriots, Falcons, and Seahawks as big out of division showdowns. Aaron Rodgers will see a tough strength of schedule for pass production, and it is also a subpar schedule for running backs.