2019 Surprises & Lessons Learned + Waivers (NFL Talking Heads Fantasy Football Podcast)

In this episode we debate whether Lamar Jacksons dominant play is sustainable and how long it can continue on for. Jeff argues that his passing can’t get any better while I make the argument that he isn’t being asked to do a ton through the passing game and he still has a ways to go to improve as a top 10 passer in the NFL.

We also reflect on the 2019 season up to this point and talk about some of things we learned. Derrick Henry and Leonard Fournette stand out as two of the players we were wrong about. Fournette’s production in the passing game came as as surprise we probably should have seen coming, but his perfect health and much improved offense also turned out to be variable we didn’t predict happening. For Henry, we underestimated the value in guaranteed touches but didn’t see the dramatic improvement in the offense since Ryan Tannehill took over as the starting Quarterback. Was the analysis wrong with these two players? or did we get the analysis right but just ended up being wrong?

We talk about the difference. Another thing we learned, is the importance in drafting rushing quarterbacks. 5 of the top 6 fantasy quarterbacks are also in the top 6 in total rushing yards at the quarterback position. we expand on this concept and the changing of the landscape at the quarterback position.

For this week waiver pick ups, it is a motely crew to say the least. Robby Anderson (Jets) and Benny Snell (Steelers) headlines a very shallow week for waiver wire additions. However, with bye weeks in the rear view mirror, fantasy owners are likely to be all set with who they currently have on their roster and how got them to this point in the fantasy season. This weeks streaming defenses are Carolina, NYJ, and Philadelphia.

When will Lamar Jackson come down to earth – 1:40
2019 surprises and lessons learned – 11:40
Waivers – 35:00


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