Anthony Davis’ Player Option May Not Be a Clear-Cut Decision (Hollywood Hoops NBA Podcast)

The NBA’s news cycle may not be churning as furiously as it did while the 2019-20 season was going full steam, but the coronavirus shutdown hasn’t stopped it entirely—far from it. From the league and the players sorting out how to handle the likely hit to their combined business, to the basketball world gifting us with content to look forward to while quarantined, to the Los Angeles Clippers taking over the Lakers’ former home, Eric Pincus and Josh Martin had plenty to fill an hour for this week’s episode of Hollywood Hoops!

Our co-hosts began, as they so often do, by drawing on Eric’s Talmudic expertise in the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement and its salary cap. With players due to receive their usual paychecks on April 1, what should they expect their future take-home to look like as the league assesses its hypothetical losses due to the pandemic? How might these unprecedented circumstances affect Anthony Davis’ future? And could the timing work in the Lakers’ favor, as far as partnering Giannis Antetokounmpo with AD and LeBron James?

Then, in honor of ESPN moving up the release date of “The Last Dance,” Eric and Josh delve into their memories of the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls team that’s the subject of the much-hyped documentary. They also look at the field for the NBA’s upcoming 2K tournament—which features
current Clippers Patrick Beverley and Montrezl Harrell—and whether they intend to watch esports in lieu of live sports.

Eric and Josh then shine a light on all the good the NBA’s players and teams have done to support healthcare workers, hourly employees, hungry kids and so many more folks who have been impacted by the spread of COVID-19—from LeBron and AD supporting meal distributions, to the Lakers and Clippers taking care of their arena employees, to Steve Ballmer donating more than $25 million between Seattle, LA and his home state of Michigan.

Finally, our co-hosts consider the cost of doing business that Ballmer spent to build the Clippers’ next home in Inglewood, why staying in LA would mean so much to the franchise and whether the Forum will still stand once the Clips move into their new building.

00:00 – NBA Corona Business
19:59 – ‘The Last Dance’ + NBA 2K Tournament
31:46 – Basketball Gives Back
45:12 – Clippers Take Over the Forum

Co-host of Hollywood Hoops, Eric Pincus covers the Los Angeles Lakers for Bleacher Report while serving as capologist for NBA TV and Basketball Insiders. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram, @EricPincus.

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