Atkinson and Nets “Mutual” Departure | MVP vs The King (The Baseline NBA Podcast)

The NBA season has just over a month left on the calendar but the madness of March is upon us in more ways than one. Brooklyn and the world’s attention to the Covid-19 virus are atop of the league’s headlines. On this week’s show we discuss:

The Breakdown
– Brooklyn and Kenny Atkinson mutually part ways.
– Are the Nets and their culture forever changed after this perplexing move?
– Sean Marks said both parties felt it was time for a chance but is he playing possum?
– Was Atkinson doomed the minute Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant both signed with the team? Could he be deemed as a coach best-served for rebuilding situations?
– What do Irving and Durant have to do with this ultimately? Reports have surfaced the Irving soured on Atkinson early and might want Tyronn Lue as the team’s next coach.
– It’s truly a player’s league but what does it say about the Nets to have a coach let go in the middle of a playoff chase while Iriving and Durant aren’t even on the court?

The Drop
– Giannis Antentokounmpo vs LeBron James
– The race for the MVP isn’t over and the roller coaster narratives for both players are at its peak.
– Coronavirus impacting the NBA
– The league is investigating multiple scenarios to take precautions in lieu of the fast-spreading virus, including the potential of playing games in empty arenas.
– How could this pandemic impact the NBA’s bottom line?
– If fans and reporters are excluded should the games still take place?

Coast to Coast

– Stephen Curry returned for the Warriors
– Joakim Noah signs with the Clippers
– Dion Waiters signs with the Lakers
– Lance Stephenson eyeing a return to the Pacers
– LiAngelo Ball is signing with the NBA G League’s Oklahoma City
– Injury roundup: Giannis Antetokounmpo receiving precautionary MRI, Malcolm Brogdon week to week and Jaylen Brown out at least a week
– NBPA seeking a replacement for Michelle Roberts

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