Big-12 Prospects & Interview With Michael Visenberg (The Stepien NBA Draft Podcast)

In this episode Ross and Mike talk with Michael Visenberg and discuss his philosophies, strengths, weaknesses, and his order of scouting. Michael discuses some players, and reasons on where he differs from mainstream scouting, and from less mainstream scouting. They also go over a few players Michael saw in the recent USA Basketball Junior Mini-camp. That includes a couple of names from the high school senior class, down to the freshman class. The three then go over a few top preseason prospects out of the Big-12, including a few honorable mention freshman. They finish off with who could be the #1 ranked center by years end.

Ross Homan hosts The Stepien NBA Draft Podcast. He is a contributor for The Stepien, where he can be found writing about the NBA draft. He is a resident of Columbus, Ohio.

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