Blake Murphy & Mailbag (4 SZNS NBA Podcast)

7:00- Is Karma a thing?
8:33- Is a hotdog a sandwich?
9:42- Player comparisons?
13:06- Would Draymond be an All-Star on any other NBA team?
16:50- Add one host to your show, who & why?
20:09- Top 3 PG of all time (not including current players)
23:06- What actor would play you in a movie about your life?
25:01- Biggest liability on your natty ship team?
28:15- Are the yips real? in every sport?
35:02- Blake Murphy Raptors talk

Minnesota raised, Boston and Kansas groomed. Lived through KAHN. RIP Malik. With a Kansas undergrad & Harvard Masters. Zak is an NBA psychopath. League Pass team No Sleep. A little experience in player representation has been covering the league for life. Most notably “4 SZNS” NBA Podcast since mid - 2017. Context over clicks. Facts over feelings. MJ over everything.

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