Bombs! (Above The Rim NBA Podcast)

This episode i’m joined by Basketball Society writer, host of the “Scoop B Radio” podcast, Brandon Robinson (@ScoopB).

Just when you thought the NBA couldn’t get any spicier, boom! The Raptor boys won the title for 6 and they earned every piece of it. But uncertain times are looming, will Kawhi stay or look elsewhere? LeBron finally got his 2nd star to join him in Anthony Davis. We discuss the implications of the trade, how the pairing will fit and next steps with filling out the roster…

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Justin aka Jus Blaze brings a fresh & unique perspective on the NBA with his podcast, Above The Rim. A Brooklyn native with NBA knowledge pouring through his veins, Justin is the voice of NBA purists. Playing basketball his whole life, he transformed his passion into becoming a self made podcast host, creating a show that speaks to basketball fans on every level.

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