Channing Frye, Mid Season Trade Scenarios, Who’s Hot & Who’s Not (4 SZNS NBA Podcast)

15 year NBA pro, podcast host on multiple platforms, and NBA TV’s “Handles” host Channing Frye joins Ryan Magdziarz and Zak Noble for a hilarious episode. They discuss the origin of “The Buffet of Goodness” which is Channing’s listed nickname on basketball reference. He says when he was a kid he was so skinny, everything he ate would disappear. So his dad made him eat all you can eat buffets to try to bulk him up. They started discussing life in the NBA versus life as a media guy. Channing knew it was his time to retire when the process of getting ready for an NBA season started to feel like a hassle, rather than feel exciting. Frye went on to talk about the current NBA and its players.

He thinks this is the best the NBA has ever been talent wise. The league is loaded with great young talent and he thinks specifically the big men. Zak asks Channing who is a player he wishes he could have played with in his career. Channing says it was Dwyane Wade. Even though they did play for a short stint in Cleveland, he wishes it was much longer due to the fact that they are so similar on and off the floor. One of the last segments with Channing was Overrated/Underrated and he did not disappoint. Some fantastic off the top of the head answers from Channing Frye and we did not expect anything less.

Zak and Ryan did their monthly segment “stock exchange” stating three players in the league whose stock is down, and three players whose stock is up. In the middle of this they branched off into a discussion about possible mid season trades. Who would be buyers and who would be sellers before the trade deadline? They finished up with the same Overrated/ Underrated segment that they gave to Channing Frye.

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