Coppin or Droppin (Above The Rim NBA Podcast)

This episode I’m joined by friends of the show Damo & Reem (@LetTalkSportsTv).

The fellas and I discuss a multitude of topics surrounding the NBA including:

-Evaluating Carmelo Anthony’s on court performance thus far. How much has & will he help the TrailBlazers going forward? Even though Melo’s numbers are similar on all 3 teams, why is the narrative this time around a little more positive? Will his scoring & presence be enough to bring the Blazers back into the playoff hunt? What other moves do the Blazers need to make?

-The Cavs are finally listening to trade offers for former all-star Kevin Love. Is he worth what the team is asking for? What teams would he fit with best? Who should be making a move for him? Most importantly, does acquiring Kevin Love really move the needle for your team?

-The New York Knicks finally pulled the plug on Fizdale, but were they right to do so so early? Do they think another coach could do something he couldn’t? Why didn’t they give him a longer leash and who will be the best coach for New York City?

-Debuting a new segment called “Coppin or Droppin” where my guests get to decide on if they agree with some of the hottest takes that are currently surrounding the NBA.

Will Kuz be traded by the deadline?
Siakim v Ingram v Tatum, who are you taking to start your franchise?
Has Kawhi lost a little bit of his juice this year on the Clippers?
Will the Russ-Cp3 swap turn out to be the biggest mistake of the summer?
Will Ben Simmons make at least 5 threes by the end of the season?
Plus many more questions…

-The “Crossover Segment”

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Justin aka Jus Blaze brings a fresh & unique perspective on the NBA with his podcast, Above The Rim. A Brooklyn native with NBA knowledge pouring through his veins, Justin is the voice of NBA purists. Playing basketball his whole life, he transformed his passion into becoming a self made podcast host, creating a show that speaks to basketball fans on every level.

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