CP3, Simmons, Fultz + Indy & Boston (Drive and Dish NBA Podcast)

On this episode of the Drive & Dish NBA Podcast, Justin (@JustinContheAir) is at his 700th wedding of the year, so Kevin (@rafusetolose) is joined by guest hosts Nick Gryniewicz (@ESPN580Nick) & Louis Axen (@LouisArtisan). The guys talk Chris Paul trade talks stalling. How much does the Supermax play an effect on where he’ll end up? What are the chances of him finishing the season on Oklahoma City, and which team’s are actually interested? We’ll make our case for Miami & others. Kevin talks the Ben Simmons extension and why this is a no brainer despite any shooting concerns. Nick & Louis talk their actual real hopes for Markelle Fultz & the Magic. What do they realistically expect, and how would it change the outlook for this team? Plus JR Smith destinations, just how good will Indy & Boston be next season and more NBA jam duo talk. Subscribe & rate us on iTunes & watch the podcast on Youtube.

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Justin Cousart has been an avid NBA fan his whole life. Growing up in a suburb of Philadelphia then moving to Jacksonville for college. Justin is a co-host if the Drive and Dish NBA Podcast, but also a Producer of an ESPN show and Top 40 radio jock. Justin loves making sports related memes and catching the next social media trend.

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