D-wightful New Beginnings (Dwight Howard’s Renaissance, The Lakers As A Defensive Force, & AD Rounding Into Form) (Lakers Legacy Podcast)

In this episode of the Lakers Legacy Podcast, Jonathan covers the Lakers last win against the Charlotte Hornets & marvels at how well the Dwight Howard Redemption Tour has gone. He then focuses on Anthony Davis’ early struggles and how ridiculous it is that he still has a lot of room to improve. Lastly, he talks about the Lakers guard rotation & the team’s identity as a defensive team moving forward!

(3:30) – Dwight Howard: Fan Favorite
(9:44) – AD Rounding Into Form & Still Improving
(20:17) – The Lakers Guard Crop & Their Defensive Identity

Host: Jonathan Hernandez (@jhun88)
Co-Host: Tommy Alexander (@tommya8)
Co-Host: Alan Riley (@atakriley)


Founder & Host of The Lakers Legacy Podcast. Jonathan Hernandez works in the Animation Industry for DreamWorks Animation (formerly in Marketing, currently in Production) by day, podcasts & surmises about the Lakers by...every other waking hour imaginable. It's LIT, fam.

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