Decade 1st, 2nd & 3rd Picks + Da Bucks! (Drive And Dish NBA Podcast)

Welcome back to another edition of the Drive & Dish NBA podcast, hosted by Kevin Rafuse (@rafusetolose) & Justin Cousart (@JustinContheAir). No intro this time, as the guys get right into hoops. First up, Kevin & Justin discuss the streaking Milwaukee Bucks, who have now won 18 straight games. The duo discusses how role players have propelled the team’s run, alongside the nightly greatness of Giannis. Who has stepped up the most and can they sustain it? The guys also look at the schedule, and debate when the next possible loss could come for Milwaukee. They also debate if the streak is being slept on because it’s Milwaukee.

Before switching, Kevin & Justin also take a look at the MVP race. Who is in there top 5 at this point of the year, plus who they think would be in the Finals if it ended today. After that, the guys get into some Who’s Ballin Who’s Fallin. Included are Jimmy Butler heating up (pun fully intended), and the Pelicans going on a franchise long losing streak. Should the Pels make some changes?

As we get closer to 2020 in the coming weeks, the guys then take a look at high lottery picks over the past few years. First we look at the #1, #2, and #3 overall picks of the last decade, and decide who would start on a roster of them. The guys then compare all 3 squads, and discuss why the #2 overall pick has been so bad over the course of the decade. The duo then breaks down individual matchups between #1 and #3, and make the tough decision over who has been better over the last ten years.

Last but not least, they guys wrap up the show with some Hot Takes from Reddit. Subscribe to the podcast and leave a review on iTunes. Watch the podcast on YouTube.

BBALL Talk starts: 3:00
Bucks – 3:00 – 18:00
Ballin and Fallin: 18 – 29
Decade Teams: 29 – 52
Hot takes 52 – END

Justin Cousart has been an avid NBA fan his whole life. Growing up in a suburb of Philadelphia then moving to Jacksonville for college. Justin is a co-host if the Drive and Dish NBA Podcast, but also a Producer of an ESPN show and Top 40 radio jock. Justin loves making sports related memes and catching the next social media trend.

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