Does it Make Sense for the NBA to Start by Christmas? (Hollywood Hoops NBA Podcast)

The longest season in NBA history may well give way to the shortest offseason ever for the Los Angeles Lakers and some of the league’s other teams that played deep into the bubble at Disney World in Orlando. Rumor around the Association has it that pro basketball could be back in business by Christmas, which means LeBron James, Anthony Davis and company may have little more than a month-and-a-half off following their championship triumph over the Miami Heat before returning to training camp for another go-round amid a pandemic. But the Purple and Gold won’t be the only team facing an uphill climb during this most unusual period in NBA history.

On this week’s episode of Hollywood Hoops, Eric Pincus and Josh Martin dive into some of the most daunting uncertainties facing the Lakers, Clippers and the rest of the NBA in the coming months. Our co-hosts tip things off by looking at the impact Tyronn Lue might have as Doc Rivers’ replacement as the Clippers’ head coach, and how a shakeup on the bench may (or may not) affect the team’s roster issues.

Eric and Josh then hurdle headlong into the void of unknowns surrounding the league’s attempt to fashion some semblance of a schedule for 2020-21. What questions must the NBA answer if it’s going to bring hoops home for the holidays? How will the owners and players handle the economics of a league that could be lagging for a while to come due to COVID? What can the Association do to avoid a crash and eventual spike in the all-important salary cap, and how might teams plan to handle each unsettling scenario? Given these and other concerns, is a Christmas resumption at all realistic for the NBA.

Find out all that and more in the latest edition of #HollywoodHoops!

00:00 – Clippers’ New Coach
12:29 – NBA Home For Christmas?
33:06 – Smoothing Hoops Economics
45:28 – Getting Real About NBA’s Return

Co-host of Hollywood Hoops, Eric Pincus covers the Los Angeles Lakers for Bleacher Report while serving as capologist for NBA TV and Basketball Insiders. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram, @EricPincus.

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