Embrace It (Above The Rim NBA Podcast)

Join me on a solo ride for a prelude to ep 100! The NBA is entering the spiciest time of the year as rumors are swirling all over the place. This episode I discuss the weak NBA awards show, the NBA draft winners & how Knick fans need to relax, my thoughts on who won the AD trade & more. I also discuss the fake turmoil going on in Houston & how the media is overblowing these reports. Sometimes you have to embrace being the villain, it’s our time…

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Justin aka Jus Blaze brings a fresh & unique perspective on the NBA with his podcast, Above The Rim. A Brooklyn native with NBA knowledge pouring through his veins, Justin is the voice of NBA purists. Playing basketball his whole life, he transformed his passion into becoming a self made podcast host, creating a show that speaks to basketball fans on every level.

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